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Damien Fair, PA-C, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Behavioral Neuroscience and Psychiatry
Associate Scientist, Advanced Imaging Research Center
Admin Unit: SOM-Behavioral Neuroscience Department
Behavioral Neuroscience
Biomedical Informatics
Neuroscience Graduate Program
Research Interests:
MRI, development, human models, animal models
Preceptor Rotations
Academic Term Available Summer 2016 Yes Fall 2016 Yes Winter 2016 Yes Spring 2016 Yes Summer 2017 Yes Fall 2017 Yes Winter 2017 Yes Spring 2017 Yes
Faculty Mentorship
Dr. Fair has not indicated availability as a mentor at this time.

Summary of Current Research  

My laboratory focuses on mechanisms and principles that underlie the developing brain. The majority of this work uses functional MRI and resting state functional connectivity MRI to assess typical and atypical populations. A second focus has become testing the feasibility, in both human and animal models, of using various functional and structural MRI techniques in translational studies of developmental neuropsyciatric disorders (e.g., attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and autism). We are exploring ways to better characterize patients with these psychopathologies to help guide future diagnostic, therapeutic and genetic studies.

Selected recent publications

Fair, D.A., Bathula, D., Nikolas, M., and Nigg, J.T. (2012) Distinct neuropsychological subgroups in typically developing youth inform heterogeneity in ADHD. Proc Nat Acad Sci.

Mills, K.L., Bathula, D., Costa Dias, T.G., Iyer, S.P., Fenesy, M.C., Musser, E.D., Stevens, C.A., Thurlow, B.L., Carpenter, S.D., Nagel, B.J., Nigg, J.T., Fair, D.A. (2012) Altered cortico-striatal-thalamic connectivity in relation to spatial working memory capacity in children with ADHD. Frontier in Psychiatry

Stevens, A.A., Tappon, S.C., Garg, A., Fair, D.A. (2012) Functional brain network modularity captures inter- and intra-individual variation in working memory capacity. PLoS One.

Shannon, B.J., Raichle, M.E., Snyder, A.Z., Fair, D.A., Mills, K.L., Zhang, D., Bache, K., Calhoun, V.D., Nigg, J.T., Nagel, B.J., Stevens A.A., Kiehl, K.A. (2011) Premotor functional connectivity predicts impulsivity in juvenile offenders. Proc Nat Acad Sci. 108(27):11241-5.

Power, J.L., Fair, D.A., Schlaggar, B.L., Petersen, S.E. (2010). The Development of Human Functional Brain Networks. Neuron. 67(5):735-48.

Dosenbach, N.U.F., Nardos, B., Cohen, A.L., Fair, D.A., Power, J.D., Church, J.A., Nelson, S.M., Wig, G.S., Vogel, A.C., Lessov-Schlaggar, C.N., Barnes, K.A., Dubis, J.W., Feczko, E. , Coalson, R.S., Pruett, J.R., Barch, D.M., Petersen, S.E., Schlaggar, B.L. (2010) Prediction of individual brain maturity using fMRI. Science. 329(5997):1358-61.

Herting, M.M., Fair, D.A., Nagel, B.J. (2010). Altered fronto-cerebellar connectivity in alcohol-naive youth with a family history of alcoholism. Neuroimage. Epub ahead of print

Fair, D.A.,Posner, J., Nagel, B.J., Bathula, D., Costa Dias, T.G., Mills, K.L., Blythe, M.S., Giwa, A., Schmitt, C.F., Nigg, J.T. (2010). Atypical Default Network Connectivity in Youth with ADHD. Biol Psychiatry. Epub ahead of print 

Fair, D.A., Bathula, D., Mills, K.L., Costa Dias, T.G., Blythe, M.S., Zhang ,D., Snyder, A.Z., Raichle, M.E., Stevens, A.A., Nigg, J.T., Nagel, B.J. (2010) Maturing thalamocortical functional connectivity across development. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience. 18;4:10.

Fair, D.A.,Choi, A.H., Dosenbach, Y.B.L., Coalson, R.S., Miezin, F.M., Petersen, S.E., Schlaggar, B.L. (2009) The functional organization of trial-related activity in lexical processing after early left hemispheric brain lesions: An event-related fMRI study. Brain and Language. Epub ahead of print.

Fair, D.A.,Cohen, A.L., Powers, J.L., Dosenbach, N.U.F., Church, J.A., Miezin, F.M., Schlaggar, B.L., Petersen, S.E. (2009). Functional Brain Networks Develop from a "Local to Distributed" Organization. PLoS Comp Bio. 5(5): e10000381


2003-2008   Ph.D., Neuroscience, Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis, MO (Advisors: Bradley Schlaggar, Steven Petersen)   

1999-2001   MMSc, Physician Associate Program, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT (Advisor: Lawrence Brass) 

1994-1998   B.A., Biology (Maj) and Chemistry (Min), Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD                                                       

Previous Positions

2008-2011   Postdoctoral Research Scientist, Psychiatry Dept, Oregon Health and Science University (Advisors: Joel Nigg, Bonnie Nagel)   

2001-2003   Physician Assistant, Clinical Instructor, Yale University School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital, Dept. of Neurology