Capstone Projects

Class of 2015

Ashley Hilbert, MCD, RD

Impact of Weight Loss on Grip Strength in Head and Neck Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy

Chair, Julie McGuire, MS, RD


Class of 2014

Kelly Falter, MCD, RD

Assessment of Nutrition Education Handouts for Post-Renal Transplant Patients

Chair, Maureen McCarthy, MPH, RD


Class of 2011

Kelly Martin, MCD, RD

Overcoming Feeding Problems in Children with Cerebral Palsy: Experiences and Perceptions from Parents

Chair, Elizabeth Adams, PhD, RD


Class of 2008

Eugenia Bezzerides, MCD, RD

A Literature Review to Examine Potential Health Hazards of Soy Consumption

Chair, Sonja Connor, MS, RD