Master of Clinical Dietetics

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The Master of Clinical Dietetics (non-thesis degree option) is designed to expand the knowledge of the biochemical basis of human nutrition as it relates to health, disease and disease prevention for Registered Dietitians or students with a Verification Statement signifying completion of a dietetic internship program accredited by Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics (ACEND). The Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition emphasizes the practice of evidence-based medical nutrition therapy. The curriculum provides enhanced education about the nutrition care process, use of nutrition diagnostic language, physical exam and physical assessment of patients. A culminating project in a specific area of nutrition is completed. Areas of emphasis include medical nutrition therapy focused on cardiovascular disease, geriatrics, inborn errors of metabolism, bone disease, obesity and weight management, health promotion and diabetes care and clinical or food service management. 

This non-thesis master's degree is offered for the individual who wants to enhance their clinical nutrition practice. The Master of Clinical Dietetics program will follow completion of an accredited Dietetic Internship.

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