MNT Potluck 2015 Celebrates Retiring Preceptors

Every year Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition (GPHN) holds a potluck at the end of Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) week, which is also the end of Fall term. This is an opportunity for our students, faculty, and preceptors (if they are available) to connect, unwind, and end the year relaxed. This year, our students decided to make it an ugly sweater party (see photo below). In addition to the wonderful dishes our faculty and students brought and shared with one another, we also celebrated the dedication of a handful of our long-standing preceptors who retired in 2015 from their fulfilling careers.

Maureen McCarthy and Shannon Rentz are two dietitians from OHSU that served many years as both dietitians and preceptors for our dietetic interns. Maureen McCarthy has not only been a preceptor for our interns, she also served in several roles for OHSU and GPHN up until she retired in 2015. For GPHN she was: 

  • 1996-2001: Clinical Coordinator
  • 2002-2004: Education Coordinator
  • 2002 and 2007: Interim DI Director

Maureen also started our NUTN 516 course, Nutrition Physical Examination, and continues to teach and lecture in many of our other courses. In the OHSU hospital, she was a great asset as a renal and transplant dietitian. One of our faculty, Julie McGuire, MS, RD, LD, found a quote from one of Maureen's past interns that stated, "I wish I had even 10% of Maureen's vast nutrition knowledge. She's a genius." Maureen will be tremendously missed at OHSU.

Shannon Rentz served as an oncology dietitian for many years, starting with OHSU in 2002. GPHN faculty, Dr. Joyanna Hansen, MS, PhD, RD, LD, and one of our former students, Ashley Hilbert, MCD, RD, gave a few great quotes about Shannon's dedication as a preceptor: 

  • "I had the privilege of working with Shannon as an intern, and it was truly inspirational to see the joy she brought to the lives of people going through a very challenging personal situation. I loved seeing how her patients would light up when Shannon walked into the room, and I know she will be greatly missed." - Dr. Joyanna Hansen
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Shannon during my capstone project last year. I knew we'd make a good team when I learned that she too was a Midwest transplant. It's hard to not have things in common when you both have survived living in the tundra. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from Shannon during what turned out to be her last year at OHSU. I want to thank her for her dedication, wisdom, and support. Here's to a well-deserved and happy retirement!" - Ashley Hilbert

Lancia De La Zerda, a retiring Providence preceptor, was actually one of our very own 1980 Dietetic Internship program graduates! Shortly after graduating, Lancia landed a job at Providence as a Medical/Surgery dietitian and never left. She helped secure Providence as a regular site for our interns to rotate through, and we are forever grateful for that. She oversaw several of our interns, one of which included Leslie Weidner, RDN, a 2012 DI graduate. 

  • "I was lucky to have Lancia as my preceptor during the first few weeks of clinical rotations. Her enthusiasm for the field was infectious which made the experience more enjoyable and relaxed. She was a great teacher and mentor, and was highly respected by patients and hospital staff. It was obvious that she truly cared for each patient, always putting their best interests first. Her extensive knowledge, experience and passion for clinical dietetics, and her dedication to her patients makes her an exceptional preceptor and dietitian." - Leslie Weidner

Other preceptors that retired in 2015, but couldn't make it to the MNT potluck included: Janet Muckridge (Kaiser) and Sharon Brown (Shriners Hospital for Children). We appreciate all the dedication of ALL of our preceptors; we simply could not do this without you. I hope that those who retired are enjoying themselves. We will miss you greatly!

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