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Dietetic Intern, Emily Blachly, interviews OHSU chef and local grower behind OHSU's Permaculture Garden

A garden in our own backyard? Did you know that OHSU has set up a permaculture garden behind Mac Hall? This is a project between the Food and Nutrition Department, particularly the Executive Chef, Fernando Divina and a local permaculturist, Chad Roberts. Emily Blachly, Dietetic Intern, recently did an interview with the Chef and the grower. Read the article and please, visit the garden. Look for pictures on the Farmers Market Facebook Fanpage every so often to watch its progression. 


Dietetic Intern from the GPHN Class of 2013 highlighted on local website

Class of 2013 graduate Ashley Klees was selected for a feature article on a popular Portland website that highlights dietitians from the Portland area. Her article was published in June 2013 and can be viewed at PortlandRD.com




Recent GPHN Graduate serves up a healthy holiday pie on the Today show

Joy Bauer, a dietitian who is a regular on the Today show, asked viewers to share their diet-friendly dessert recipes for our "Too Good To Be Health" competition. Class of 2013 graduate Megan Fuetterer, RD, was selected as a finalist with her pumpkin pie recipe. Megan was invited to appear on the Today show for the final tasting on December 18th. See the video




GPHN partners with Medical Teams International and PREDISAN in Catacamas, Honduras

Class of 2009 graduates Svetlana Zubkova, Sarah Bergman and Melissa Kumagai spent a few weeks in Honduras helping rural communities with high rates of childhood under-nutrition. In March of 2009, they traveled with Dr. Diane Stadler, Assistant Professor of Medicine and Director of the GPHN, to a remote mountainous area of eastern Honduras to conduct home assessments of high-risk infants. They hiked in to villages every day to measure the height and weight of infants, and trained local health care monitors to accurately measure newborns, interpret these measurements and counsel parents about healthy diets for children. "It was a fantastic way to apply all that I have been taught," said Svetlana.

In March of 2010,  Whitney Ellersick (Class of 2006), Jessica Gutgsell (Class of 2007), and Melissa Kumagai (Class of 2009) trained local community members to plan and prepare nutritious snacks high in iron and vitamin A for children attending elementary school. In addition to recipe development, cooking classes, and taste tests, they taught fun, hands-on, basic health and nutrition concepts to school children.

In March of 2011, class of 2011 graduates Kelly Martin, Emily Kennedy, and Anne Southworth developed and presented lectures and workshops on maternal and infant nutrition to community health providers, pregnant women, and to mothers with young children. The focus of the presentations were on preventing childhood malnutrition and treating acute dehydration.

Yoga session in Honduras
Emily, Kelly, and Danielle in Honduras