Congratulations to the Class of 2013


The Alumni of the Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition, many of whom serve as preceptors, generously give their time and expertise to mentor students enrolled in our programs. Many of our alumni are employed as clinical dietitians, work in community and public health, or in private practice. Many of the alumni serve on advisory boards & committees. Others serve as lecturers for Monday courses.


Alumni Updates

Emily Kennedy and Kelly Martin teach the plate method in Honduras

Ashley Hilbert, RD, Class of 2012

Ashley currently holds two clinical positions at two different hospitals in her home state of Michigan: outpatient at Hurley Medical Center and inpatient at Karmanos Cancer Institute.


 Simone Champagne, RD, Class of 2011

Simone works at Josephine County WIC as a Public Health Dietitian.


Allison Forney, RD, Class of 2011

Allison is an on-call RD at Salem Hospital in Salem, Oregon.  She also teaches classes and gives presentations through Salem Hospital's Community Health Education Center. She has also taught class through Northwest Primary Care about basic diabetes nutrition and carbohydrate counting. Allison is thoroughly enjoying her career. 


Pamela Luckow, RD, Class of 2011

Pam works as a Clinical Dietitian with the Aurora Medical Center in Two Rivers, Wisconsin. 


Emily Kennedy, MS, RD, Class of 2011

Emily is currently working as an inpatient clinical dietitian for the Portland VA Medical Center. In the past two years, she has twice participated in medical mission work with OHSU's Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition providing nutrition education and intervention to rural, mountainous communities in Olancho, Honduras.  


Lesley Weidner, Class of 2011

Lesley is employed with the OHSU Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition.  She and her husband welcomed their first baby boy last December.


Annie Behrend, MS, RD Class of 2010

Annie works as a Clinical Dietitian at Veterans Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. 


Sarah Bishop, RD, Class of 2010

Sarah is employed as a relief dietitian at Stanford Hospital and Clinics in California. 


Elise Blickensderfer, RD, Class of 2010

Elise works as a Health Coach for Health Diagnostic Laboratories, Incorporated.      


Stephanie (Miksa) Crabtree, MS, RD, Class of 2010

Stephanie got married in December 2011.  She is a dietitian at Pacific Sports Resort Redwood Shores in California.


Tysen Cullen, MS, Class of 2010

Tysen is employed with Multnomah Athletic Club (MAC) in Portland, Oregon.


Noelle (Pervere) Christ, RD, Class of 2010

Noelle is employed with Walgreens Infusion Services at Legacy Health in Vancouver, Washington.  She recently got married.


Molly Jennings, RD, Class of 2010

Molly is a Regional Nutrition Specialist/Clinical On Call Dietitian with Kaiser Permanente in Clackamas, Oregon.


Jamie Libera, RD, Class of 2010

Jamies works as a Clinical Dietitian with Providence Health and Services in Portland, Oregon.


Abigail Marlow, RD, Class of 2010

Abby has been employed with Providence Alaska Medical Center as a Clinical Dietitian working primarily in adult nutrition, and more recently in pediatrics.  She is involved with the Alaska Dietetic Association and also a current member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Most recently, Abby attended FNCE and was able to participate in the poster session with research mentor and OHSU transplant dietitian Maureen McCarthy. They presented research done with classmates, Noelle Christ (Pervere) and Jamie Libera, at OHSU entitled "Is BMI a Justified Contraindication for Kidney Transplantation?"


Sonja Max, RD, Class of 2010

Sonja currently has a private practice in Bellingham, Washington and teaches nutrition classes at the local co-op and athletic club.


Jessica Peretti, MS, RD, Class of 2010

Jessi currently works with Silverton Healtcare and also at Wellspring Wellness Clinic in Woodburn teaching diabetes and cardiovascular disease management courses as well as cooking classes and some individual outpatient counseling.  


Danielle Podesta, MS, RD, Class of 2010

Danielle currently resides in California. She works as a clinical dietitian at Laguna Honda hospital in San Francisco.


Jennifer (Cram) Chilinski, RD, Class of 2010

Jennifer works as a Clinical Dietitian with Scripps Mercy Hospital in California. 


Kimberly Green, RD, Class of 2010

Kimberly works as a Clinical Dietitian with Aramark in New Mexico.  She also serves as a preceptor for a local internship at New Mexico State University.  


Daniella (Colasardo) Gardner, Class of 2009

After graduating from the OHSU internship in 2009, Daniella moved to the Bay Area. Shortly after passing her RD exam, she was hired at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, where she worked all adult units for 3.5 years. She has recently moved back to Portland in May 2013 with her husband, and is now one of the in-patient adult RD's at OHSU. It was a great move and she is loving being back at OHSU!


Melissa Kumagai, MS, RD, Class of 2009

Melissa currently resides and works in Costa Rica with her husband and new baby girl.


Kristal (Friar) Lowe, RD, Class of 2009

Kristal is employed as an Outpatient Dietitian with Pacific Medical Center in Seattle, Washinton.  She also teaches  a variety of classes and gives presentations through Pacific Medical. In addition, she plans to complete CDE certification next fall.


Julie (Feifers) McGuire, MS, RD, Class of 2009

Julie works at the OHSU Graduate Programs in Human Nutrition as the Master's Program Coordinator and an instructor. She is the mother of two boys, Grady and Case.


Holly (Doran) Porter, RD, LD, Class of 2009

Holly started working as a Pediatric Dietitian at Doernbecher in the fall of 2009 following her internship and was there for two years. The summer following graduation from the OHSU internship, Holly got married. Tim and Holly welcomed their first baby Henry Eugene Porter on 10/15/11.  Holly is a stay at home mom for a few years but plans to keep her RD current and hopes to return to work at least part time once Henry is older.


Sarah (Bergman) Tesar, MS, RD, Class of 2009

Sarah works with Apria Healthcare in Oregon.  She recently got married this past July in Stevenson, WA near Wind Mountain.  She continues to work for Apria Healthcare doing home tube feeding. Given so much involvement in nutrition support,  she has begun to study for the CNSC exam this spring. In her spare time she is training with her dog for long distance trail races. Currently,she is training for her first 50K at Haag Lake in February.


Lindsey (Thompson) Dixon, RD, Class of 2009

Lindsey works as the Wellness Coordinator and RD for Nabholz Construction in Rogers Arkansas.


Brittany Sansone, RD, Class of 2009

Brittany works as an RD in Senior Living, for a company called Morrison Management Specialists, Incorporated in California. She manages the nutrition care for a 35 acre campus, which includes independent living, assisted living, a memory impaired unit, skilled nursing, and an acute care unit.


Julie Smith, MS, RD, Class of 2009

Julie resides in Boston and works in research at one of the hospitals there. She will be going to Berlin, Germany this summer to present a poster on red blood cell folate concentrations and migraines.  She works with the Harvard Catalyst  (Harvard's CTSA) frequently. 


Anne Southworth, MS, RD, Class of 2009

Anne is a WIC RD with Washington County in Hillsboro, Oregon.  She is fluent in Spanish and has volunteered overseas with nutrition intervention. While a student in The Graduate Programs of Human Nutrition, she traveled to Honduras with Medical Teams International, where we taught basic maternal and child nutrition to remote communities.  She went to Zimbabwe Africa in December 2012 to spend the holidays with AIDS orphans. 


Suzie Bruels, RD, Class of 2008

Suzie is currently in South America for 6 weeks training with Peace Corps.  After a couple years of excellent work experience as an RD for the Multnomah County's WIC Program, Suzy joined the Peace Corps and is currently serving until July 2013 as a Community Health Volunteer in Suriname, South America. Suzy states, "Thus far it has been an incredibly challenging, surprising, and rewarding experience." 


Daniella Colasardo, RD, Class of 2008

Daniella works at Kaiser Santa Clara in California.  She works primarily with adult medical, neurology, general surgery, and cardiovascular ICU units.


Cary Fardal, RD, Class of 2008

Cary has been working as a clinical dietitian at the Oregon State Hospital since August 2008.  Her position is an amazing mix of clinical dietetics, primary care, long term care, and teaching classes and developing curriculum.  She has been fortunate in her position to develop a variety of nutrition and dietetic skills that working in an acute care hospital or out patient setting would not provide alone.  Her job allows her plenty of time off to spend with family, volunteering in her kids' classrooms to teach nutrition (Start Smart Eating and Reading program), and take the occasional trip to see her favorite bands play live.   


Sherri (Fechter) Hall, MS, RD, Class of 2008

Sherri is working as a Clinical Dietitian in Bremerton, WA. She works in the ICU, PCU, respiratory/stroke floor, and surgical unit. She passed her CNSC last year and is starting to work towards her CDE certification. She also has a 3 year-old son, Carter.


Michelle (Pense) Hurn, RD, Class of 2008

Michelle works as the Food Safety Coordinator overseeing the production of patient and retail meals with Food and Nutrition Service at Oregon Health & Science University. Her area of speciality is Food and Employee Safety, HAACP plan implementation, sports nutrition, eating disorder prevention and awareness.


Onna Lee, RD, Class of 2008

Onna works as a Clinical Dietitan Supervisor at Sutter Delta Medical Center in California.


Allison Schroeder, RD, Class of 2008

Allison has been working for WebMD as a health coach/dietitian and just signed a contract to start working with a private practitioner in Portland whose business is called Healthy Grocery Girl, where she is involved in nutrition consulting and meal plans, meal delivery, assisted grocery shopping, healthy kitchen makeovers and nutrition workshops. Allison specializes in sports nutrition, GI health, and weight loss.  


Kelly Skretta, RD, Class of 2008

After a few years working at Bellevue Hospital in NYC, Kelly moved back to the Midwest and now works at The University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. Emphasis has recently settled into critical care and plans are to become a CNSC in 2014. She and her husband have a little girl born September 2013. 


Michaela Whistler, RD, Class of 2008

Michaela works as a Clinical Dietitian with Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center in Clackamas, Oregon.


Ruby Chun, RD, Class of 2007

Ruby works as a Clinical Dietitian at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford, Oregon. This past summer she had a great opportunity to participate in a short-term medical mission outreach in Uganda, Africa with a non-profit organization, "Circle of Love Foundation," a humanitarian organization that provides free medical services to the needy. Her team was made up of 23 people including doctors, nurses, dentists and pharmacist. She was the only dietitian in this team. Each day her medical clinic gave free consultations and free medicine. Total of over 1300 patients were treated over this 5 day outreach. 


Margaret Vattiat, RD, Class of 2007

Margaret is currently working part time in the OHSU Food & Nutrition Department as the Food Safety Dietitian.  She is working on a nutritional and ingredient labeling project for the entire retail and catering menu, which will be available in each cafe and on the department website.  She is also a mother of two girls, Edith (2 yrs) and Lucia (2 mos).


Whitney (Silverstein) Ellersick, MS, RD, Class of 2006

Whitney works with the Portland Public Schools in a nutrition-related field.   She is a Senior Program Manager for the Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services department.  Some of her roles include hiring, training, staffing and managing kitchen employees; ensuring compliance with federal and state regulations for child nutrition programs and state health departments; nutrition analysis and allergen identification of menu foods; collaborating with district and community partners; preceptor for OHSU dietetic interns.   


Jordann (Henkelman) Kearns, RD, Class of 2006

Jordann Kearns has recently opened a private practice near OHSU with a special interest in Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating.  Her practice is called Eat. Play. Live Nutrition Therapy.  She also continues to work at Portland State University as well as serve on the board for the Columbia River Eating Disorder Network.


Claire (Stephanson) Kjeld, MS, RD, Class of 2006

Claire recently moved back to Alberta, Canada.  She is currently planning on starting her own nurition counseling business.


Lindsey (Schumacher) Sterchi, RD, Class of 2006

Since graduating from OHSU, Lindsey moved to Anchorage, Alaska and got married in May 2011.  She has been working at Providence Alaska Medical Center for the past five years and thoroughly enjoys what she does.   She currently works as an outpatient dietitian and  recently became a Certified Diabetes Educator.  In her free time she enjoys skiing, knitting, cooking and traveling to sunny destinations.


Marcelle (Fitterer) Stooksbury, RD, Class of 2005

Marcy works at Veterans Medical Center in Portland, Oregon as Specialty and Renal Dietitian.