Professional Staff gives outstanding contribution awards Share This OHSU Content

06/28/11  Portland, Ore.

Seven awards for outstanding contributions were given during the June 27 Professional Staff annual meeting. Congratulations to the following clinicians and care teams:

  • Miles Ellenby, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
    Outstanding contribution to innovation in new models of clinical care
  • Martin Schreiber, MD, Professor, Department of Surgery
    Outstanding contribution to development of interdisciplinary teams
  • Brett Sheppard, MD, Professor, Department of Surgery; Chair, Professional Board
    Outstanding contribution in clinical care quality
  • Palliative Care Team
    Outstanding contribution to professionalism
  • Matt Slater, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery
    Outstanding contribution to systems based clinical care
  • Eric Orwoll, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine; Director, Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute
    Outstanding contribution to missions of education and research in the clinical setting
  • Tom Yackel, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Informatics & Clinical Epidemiology
    Outstanding contribution to improving the culture of service excellence

Sheppard_Bascom_Smith_Richardson_Guthrie-300x162During the meeting, the Professional Staff also approved a number of committee reports and heard executive summaries of the Informatics Executive Council; Quality Executive Council; Safety Executive Council; and Professional Staff Assistance Committee. Information was presented on the nomination of at-large Professional Board members, and Chief Medical Officer Chuck Kilo presented the five-year vision for quality.

Pictured: Dr. Sheppard and Palliative Care Team: Paul Bascom, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine; Mary Denise Smith, RN, CNS, Clinical Nurse Specialist; Amy Guthrie, RN, CNS, MSN, Palliative Care Nurse; Robert Hugo Richardson, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Medicine