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The Sky is the Limit

by Max Johnson, University Archivist, OHSU Library

This month’s From the Archives is both a selection of material from the archives AND an opportunity for readers to help me figure out what is happening here.

As seen in the image below, we have a scanned photograph from 1966. In the photograph we have June 9th, 1967 graduates of the University of Oregon Medical School (a precursor to the OHSU School of Medicine): Grant D. Lawton, James “Rodney” Pitts and Terry Yamauchi. The image has the date September 1966 written on the back, so we may assume this was the Fall term of the senior or final year for each of the students.  In the background is Mackenzie Hall, and in the foreground stands a half-buried sign for the Library and Auditorium. Grant, James and Terry stand on a massive dirt mound which obscures most of the details of the background leaving us wondering “why?”  Additionally, the fellows in the shot are looking off into the distance and pointing.1966 Medical Students

Further research indicates that Dr. Lawton did his internship at the University of Oregon Medical School, Dr. Pitts went to Tripler General Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii and Dr. Yamauchi went to the Los Angeles County Harbor General Hospital in Torrance, Calif.  Dr. Yamauchi went to do his residency and fellowship at University of California, Los Angeles. According to information found through additional searching, Dr. Yamauchi currently practices at the University of Arkansas Children’s Hospital and specializes in pediatrics.

Here’s where the readers of From the Archives can assist:  Does anyone know what was going on that led to a massive dirt pile build up in front of Mac Hall and the Library?  Based on the dates, we at Historical Collections & Archives are guessing that it either had something to do with the fountain or something to do with the parking structure that would eventually grow into the side of the hill.  If you know more about this time period, or have stories to share, feel free to contact the University Archivist, Max Johnson at: johnsmax@ohsu.edu


Till next time!

Sources from the OHSU Historical Collections & Archives:

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  • University of Oregon – Medical School Catalog – 1964-1976

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