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transformation120512MD Curriculum Transformation
The M.D. Curriculum Transformation retreat provided an opportunity to seek input from over 200 members of our community who attended, to get ideas flowing, to gather information which will inform next steps, and to keep the community informed and involved.  Full story »

Faculty and student honorsSingular and excellent: 2011-2012 SoM faculty and student awards
Who was your stand-out teacher? The one who converts knowledge into understanding, certainly. Perhaps, too, it's the one who ignites passion for a subject area or the one who spends extra time mentoring. Ultimately, it's the one who makes crucial connections for a student. Full story »

labrynthThe Women's Stories Project
Five faculty members have generously shared their stories – with admirable frankness – and have all answered this question: What advice would you give to junior faculty based on your experiences as a woman in academic medicine?  Full story »

top-docs_2OHSU faculty contribute to international forum in Academic Medicine
Eight faculty members of the OHSU School of Medicine have been published in seven articles in Academic Medicine from 2009 to the present. Academic Medicine is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.  Full story »