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12/22/2014 First step toward predicting Sudden Cardiac Death
12/16/2014 Alumna named in Time Magazine’s Person of the Year Award
12/15/2014 Four Ph.D. students awarded 2014 Vertex Scholarships
12/12/2014 Video: Meet Dr. Damien Fair
12/09/2014 Dr. Stephen David explores relationship between mentorship and evolution of ideas
12/09/2014 Dr. Picker named a "Hero of HIV" by Cascade AIDS Project
12/09/2014 Leading the way: Clinical Informatics fellowship up and running
12/09/2014 Video: Meet Dr. Roger Chou
12/04/2014 Video: Meet Dr. Isabelle Baconguis
12/01/2014 National GME leader visits OHSU
12/01/2014 Now identified: High-confidence risk genes for autism spectrum disorder
11/24/2014 OHSU bioinformatics students win national design competition
11/18/2014 Alternate reality
11/18/2014 ARCS names nine new OHSU scholars for prestigious award
11/17/2014 Dr. Susan Tolle awarded prestigious MacLean Center Prize
11/14/2014 Dr. Brian Park appointed to AAFP commission
11/13/2014 A physician, a patient and two poems
11/04/2014 School of Medicine welcomes new associate dean for professional development and lifelong learning
10/31/2014 Health care: Now a team sport
10/31/2014 Call for submissions: 2015 resident and postdoc paper competitions
10/31/2014 Dr. Christopher Swide advocates for GME innovation at DC congressional briefing
10/31/2014 Expanded GME a solution to veteran’s health care access?
10/28/2014 The future is here: Welcome Graduate Studies students
10/28/2014 Foundational: 2013-14 SoM faculty and student awards
10/28/2014 Kyle Robinson, MS2, named chair-elect of ASA MSC
10/27/2014 The culprit behind chemotherapy-induced muscle atrophy
10/20/2014 Dr. John Hunter elected vice chair for the American Board of Surgery
10/20/2014 Dr. Jennifer DeVoe elected to IOM
10/20/2014 Dr. Nathan Selden to become 65th president of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons
10/16/2014 Alumni, you're invited to the 2014 Holiday Reception
10/16/2014 Call for nominations! School of Medicine Alumni Association Awards 2015
10/16/2014 HOST Program: A home away from home
10/15/2014 NIH recognizes OHSU in first round of BD2K awards
10/14/2014 Milestone: Opening of Data Center West
10/13/2014 Celebrating faculty advancement
10/10/2014 First look: A photo essay in the VirtuOHSU Surgical Simulation Center
10/10/2014 Dr. Ben Schneider wins 2014 AAMC advising award
10/07/2014 OHSU celebrates national Physician Assistant Week
10/06/2014 2014 Swindells Family Scholars
09/30/2014 Dr. Jennifer DeVoe elected vice president of NAPCRG board
09/29/2014 Dr. Ryan Palmer receives CPED Dissertation in Practice Award
09/25/2014 Is health care reform working?
09/16/2014 A modernist marvel in Beaverton
09/16/2014 A rural calling
09/16/2014 First annual mix and mingle
09/12/2014 Congratulations PA graduates
09/10/2014 Professionalism and love
09/09/2014 M.D. admissions: Q&A with Assistant Dean Cynthia Morris
09/02/2014 New molecular blueprint breaks ground for neurological therapies
08/29/2014 College Cup victory goes to...
08/29/2014 Faculty honored with emeritus status
08/25/2014 Dr. John Holland recognized with 2014 Educator of the Year Award
08/19/2014 Dr. Kate Keller receives outstanding young scientist award
08/18/2014 In memoriam: Edward J. Keenan, Ph.D. (1948-2014)
08/18/2014 From the Dean: Honoring Excellence
08/13/2014 Help admissions assess School of Medicine M.D. applicants
08/11/2014 Class of 2018 White Coat bios
08/05/2014 Proof of POLST: Patient preferences match resulting treatment in state study
07/30/2014 Welcome Class of 2018!
07/28/2014 Mitch Barneck, MS2, and the fight to end catheter-born infections
07/25/2014 Dr. Kilo appointed to VA advisory committee
07/23/2014 Update: LCME reports findings
07/22/2014 Welcoming new OHSU residents and fellows
07/21/2014 Informatics for the next generation: advances in curriculum transformation
07/21/2014 Improving women’s quality of life in Ethiopia
07/21/2014 The view from the (surgical) bay
07/17/2014 Garet Lahvis, Ph.D., wins literary award
07/15/2014 Big data, big dreams: Greg Scott, MS4
07/15/2014 Robert Wah, M.D. Class of 1983, inducted as AMA president
07/15/2014 On the road: Dean Richardson talks reform at Johns Hopkins University and Boston University
07/10/2014 GME pilot opens "black box" of health care costs
07/08/2014 The latest OHSU research in Academic Medicine
07/07/2014 Achieving excellence, getting noticed
07/07/2014 OHSU epigenetics game wins Serious Play Award
07/03/2014 Paper of the Month: Potential for non-hormonal contraception
07/02/2014 Dr. Howieson named Neuropsychologist of the Year
06/30/2014 OHSU Family Medicine Interest Group named program of excellence
06/25/2014 Organizing around women's leadership
06/25/2014 Dr. Solotaroff receives national award
06/18/2014 From the archives: Sleuthing with science
06/09/2014 A sneak peek: Collaborative Life Sciences Building
06/06/2014 Congratulations, Class of 2014
05/14/2014 OHSU Doernbecher trainee launches "The Well Resident"
05/12/2014 Co-locating to collaborate and accelerate impact
05/07/2014 SoM 2014 Hooding and Awards
04/29/2014 Welcome new faculty April 2014
04/28/2014 Wendy McGinnis, MS1, receives Radiological Society of North America Medical Student Grant
04/28/2014 Accomplished: Meet the 2014 Alumni Award and Dean's Award recipients
04/28/2014 From the Archives: Extra, Extra! Read all about it! No more waiting lines!
04/28/2014 Inside glimpse into the research of graduate students
04/28/2014 Paper of the Month: Separating out the desirable from the undesirable in opioid use
04/28/2014 Dr. Orwoll elected to Association of American Physicians
04/28/2014 Students invite you to "be the match"
04/25/2014 A note about the Dean's newsletter
04/25/2014 Department of Behavioral Neuroscience shares honors
04/24/2014 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology leadership transition
04/17/2014 Taking it to the streets
04/02/2014 Students, faculty and trainees unite around humanism
03/25/2014 Welcome new faculty March 2014
03/25/2014 Reflections from the surgical suite
03/25/2014 From the Archives: How it came to be
03/25/2014 Message from Dean Richardson: Match Day and a frozen history
03/24/2014 Paper of the Month: EHR research paves the way for more effective health care for children
03/24/2014 School convenes rural advisory group
03/24/2014 Student council honors volunteer efforts
03/24/2014 A supply and demand look at surgeons
03/24/2014 Shandiz Tehrani, M.D., Ph.D., wins Young Clinician Scientist Award
03/24/2014 Thank you! The School of Medicine Alliance spruces up six library study rooms
03/14/2014 SoM News February 2014
03/13/2014 Dr. Saultz on the future family physician
03/12/2014 OHSU School of Medicine continues strong showing on US News & World Report annual rankings
03/10/2014 Big news for GME accreditation
03/05/2014 Match Day 2014! The envelope please...
02/28/2014 Message from Dean Richardson: Reflections from the surgical suite
02/26/2014 Welcome New Faculty February 2014
02/26/2014 Paper of the Month: From kitchen sink to targeted therapy - improving dengue vaccine effectiveness
02/25/2014 Countdown to launch of new M.D. curriculum
02/25/2014 OHSU-Intel video: The power of innovative collaboration
02/24/2014 Dr. Brunett receives Distinguished Educator Award
02/24/2014 Glazier appointed president of Oregon Society of Healthcare Executives
02/24/2014 Why I Teach - Marc Gosselin, M.D.
02/24/2014 SoM showcases work at SGIM Conference
02/21/2014 Dr. Weissman receives 2013 Radiology award
02/21/2014 Special agents for quality
02/21/2014 Sherry inducted as fellow in ACCM
02/21/2014 Dr. Gray receives NCI’s Alfred G. Knudson Award in Cancer Genetics
02/19/2014 From the Archives: On Finding Rare Books - Waxing Poetic
02/18/2014 Drs. Gibbs, Nan honored with Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Awards
02/13/2014 Drs. Gibbs and Nan awarded Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Awards
02/10/2014 In Memoriam: R. Ellen Magenis, M.D. (1925-2014)
02/06/2014 Researchers make advancements in gene therapy, sleep science
01/31/2014 Message from Dean Richardson: Diversifying the School of Medicine’s research funding portfolio
01/31/2014 Welcome new faculty: January 2014
01/31/2014 SoM News January 2014
01/31/2014 Paper of the Month: The weight is over
01/29/2014 Toward a better understanding of addiction
01/29/2014 Graduate studies scholars present findings to Vertex Pharmaceuticals
01/29/2014 Adam Margolin, Ph.D., recruited as director of new program in computational biology at OHSU
01/28/2014 Full speed ahead toward a better health care system
01/27/2014 Persistence to isolate elusive protein leads to publication and scholarship
01/24/2014 Vertex Alumni Update: Asako Itakura, Ph.D.
01/23/2014 2013 OHSU School of Medicine News
01/23/2014 Dr. Picker, VGTI make NIH list of "Promising Medical Advances"
01/22/2014 Save the date: OHSU Research Week May 5-9, 2014
01/22/2014 In print! OHSU makes another strong showing in Top Docs & Nurses
01/22/2014 OHSU featured in American Medical Association video
01/21/2014 From the Archives: A Visit with Dr. Stevens
01/16/2014 Four Days in November: Rural Listening Tour, Part Two
01/14/2014 18-minute update on M.D. Curriculum Transformation
01/13/2014 Dr. Cooney speaks about GME during Taiwan society meeting
01/10/2014 Roadmap Results: 2014 Collaboration Advancement Award recipients
01/10/2014 Laurel Case Lecturer offers insight, provides Department of medicine with road map
01/07/2014 Dr. DeVoe, OCHIN earn PCORI award
01/07/2014 The art of OHSU science
01/06/2014 A look back at 2013: Top 10 SoM education articles
01/03/2014 Dr. Lynch receives David Calkins Memorial Scholarship
12/10/2013 SoM News October 2013
10/30/2013 SoM News September 2013
09/12/2013 SoM News July/August 2013
08/16/2013 Welcome Class of 2017!
07/19/2013 SoM News June 2013
06/21/2013 The leaders among us
06/21/2013 Lead Mentor Program now accepting applications, deadline July 31
06/06/2013 SoM News May 2013
05/15/2013 2013 Hooding Student Profiles
05/10/2013 SoM 2013 Hooding and Awards
05/03/2013 Thanks for the “CLER” success
05/03/2013 SoM News April 2013
03/06/2013 SoM News February 2013
02/22/2013 SoM News January 2013
02/05/2013 2012 OHSU School of Medicine News
01/15/2013 Dr. Mejicano: Surviving the impact of the comet that's headed our way
11/13/2012 Singular and excellent: 2011-2012 SoM faculty and student awards
07/10/2012 Division of Urology becomes 27th School of Medicine department
06/12/2012 Dr. Patel Goes to Washington
05/08/2012 SoM 2012 Hooding and Awards
04/10/2012 Looking the future straight in the eye
01/27/2012 OHSU School of Medicine News 2010
01/27/2012 OHSU School of Medicine News 2011
12/07/2011 Featured Events
10/20/2011 In Remembrance: Lois Black, PhD
09/26/2011 Q&A with Mark O’Hollaren, MD '80, new OHSU VP for strategic outreach
09/23/2011 FEI, OHSU partner to form ‘Living Lab for Cell Biology’
09/23/2011 Four students receive first Swindells Family Scholar Award.
09/19/2011 Q&A with Mark O’Hollaren, MD '80, new OHSU VP for strategic outreach.
09/16/2011 The story behind the discovery: The role of the “virgin” brain
09/15/2011 Three PhD students receive inaugural Graduate Research Scholarships
09/12/2011 OHSU School of Medicine News
06/07/2011 June 2011 Hooding and Awards
03/28/2011 Welcome new faculty - March 2011
03/17/2011 Where are they going? Students celebrate Match Day
12/21/2010 Dr. Lewinsohn quoted in The Scientist, article examines new tuberculosis research
12/21/2010 Smart car
12/16/2010 PSI: A commitment to mentoring
12/16/2010 Welcome new faculty - December 2010
12/15/2010 Inaugural Educational Leadership Summit explores training with emphasis on core competencies
12/14/2010 New StudentSpeak blog voices ups and downs of student life
12/13/2010 The Context for Change: Dean Richardson’s annual State-of-the-School Address
12/13/2010 SoM Alumni Association rings in the Holidays
12/09/2010 “Big recruitment” of Dr. Gray is focus of Oregonian editorial
10/27/2010 Researchers join effort to find clues to progression of Parkinson’s disease
10/18/2010 President Robertson reports on recent philanthropic success
09/15/2010 School of Medicine News
08/25/2010 Driskill Foundation awards $5 million to advance OHSU research
07/07/2010 Social Media
06/11/2010 Subscribe
06/11/2010 Blogs

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