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03/25/2014 Welcome new faculty March 2014
03/25/2014 Reflections from the surgical suite
03/25/2014 From the Archives: How it came to be
03/24/2014 Paper of the Month: EHR research paves the way for more effective health care for children
03/24/2014 School convenes rural advisory group
03/24/2014 Student council honors volunteer efforts
03/24/2014 A supply and demand look at surgeons
03/24/2014 Shandiz Tehrani, M.D., Ph.D., wins Young Clinician Scientist Award
03/24/2014 Thank you! The School of Medicine Alliance spruces up six library study rooms
03/13/2014 Dr. Saultz on the future family physician
03/12/2014 OHSU School of Medicine continues strong showing on US News & World Report annual rankings
03/10/2014 Big news for GME accreditation
02/28/2014 Message from Dean Richardson: Reflections from the surgical suite
02/26/2014 Welcome New Faculty February 2014
02/26/2014 Paper of the Month: From kitchen sink to targeted therapy - improving dengue vaccine effectiveness
02/25/2014 Countdown to launch of new M.D. curriculum
02/25/2014 OHSU-Intel video: The power of innovative collaboration
02/24/2014 Dr. Brunett receives Distinguished Educator Award
02/24/2014 Glazier appointed president of Oregon Society of Healthcare Executives
02/24/2014 Why I Teach - Marc Gosselin, M.D.
02/24/2014 SoM showcases work at SGIM Conference
02/21/2014 Dr. Weissman receives 2013 Radiology award
02/21/2014 Special agents for quality
02/21/2014 Sherry inducted as fellow in ACCM
02/21/2014 Dr. Gray receives NCI’s Alfred G. Knudson Award in Cancer Genetics
02/19/2014 From the Archives: On Finding Rare Books - Waxing Poetic
02/18/2014 Drs. Gibbs, Nan honored with Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Awards
02/13/2014 Drs. Gibbs and Nan awarded Damon Runyon-Rachleff Innovation Awards
02/10/2014 In Memoriam: R. Ellen Magenis, M.D. (1925-2014)
02/06/2014 Researchers make advancements in gene therapy, sleep science
01/31/2014 Message from Dean Richardson: Diversifying the School of Medicine’s research funding portfolio
01/31/2014 Welcome new faculty: January 2014
01/31/2014 Paper of the Month: The weight is over
01/29/2014 Toward a better understanding of addiction
01/29/2014 Graduate studies scholars present findings to Vertex Pharmaceuticals
01/29/2014 Adam Margolin, Ph.D., recruited as director of new program in computational biology at OHSU
01/28/2014 Full speed ahead toward a better health care system
01/27/2014 Persistence to isolate elusive protein leads to publication and scholarship
01/24/2014 Vertex Alumni Update: Asako Itakura, Ph.D.
01/23/2014 Dr. Picker, VGTI make NIH list of "Promising Medical Advances"
01/22/2014 Save the date: OHSU Research Week May 5-9, 2014
01/22/2014 In print! OHSU makes another strong showing in Top Docs & Nurses
01/22/2014 OHSU featured in American Medical Association video
01/21/2014 From the Archives: A Visit with Dr. Stevens
01/16/2014 Four Days in November: Rural Listening Tour, Part Two
01/14/2014 18-minute update on M.D. Curriculum Transformation
01/13/2014 Dr. Cooney speaks about GME during Taiwan society meeting
01/10/2014 Roadmap Results: 2014 Collaboration Advancement Award recipients
01/10/2014 Laurel Case Lecturer offers insight, provides Department of medicine with road map
01/07/2014 Dr. DeVoe, OCHIN earn PCORI award
01/07/2014 The art of OHSU science
01/06/2014 A look back at 2013: Top 10 SoM education articles
01/03/2014 Dr. Lynch receives David Calkins Memorial Scholarship

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