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2013 School of Medicine News Archive

12/30/2013 Dr. Fair wins presidential award for promising scientists
12/18/2013 Education Programs Featured at Alumni Holiday Reception
12/18/2013 Message from Dean Richardson : Thank you
12/17/2013 OHSU classroom gets “flipped”
12/16/2013 Roadmap Results: IRB launches process improvement project
12/13/2013 School of Medicine prepares for LCME focused visit in January
12/13/2013 OHSU plays a key role in developing data and information leaders for health care
12/11/2013 OHSU rheumatologists sweep multiple association honors
12/11/2013 Connections, conversations and greater career clarity
12/10/2013 Welcome New Faculty End of Year 2013
12/06/2013 Attend, ask, answer! Drop-ins on $1 billion Knight Cancer Challenge
12/06/2013 Paper of the Month: Brains shrink in monkeys that drink
12/04/2013 Dr. Steiner Hayward receives award for telemedicine legislation work
12/03/2013 Holiday Greetings from the 46th General Hospital
12/03/2013 Faculty and alumni take electronic health records into the future
11/27/2013 Drs. Enns and Tebo awarded the distinction of AAAS Fellow
11/27/2013 Can ELQ-300 eradicate the mother of fevers?
11/26/2013 Motion-graphic about GME
11/20/2013 Roger Illingworth, M.D., Ph.D. - 1945-2013
11/19/2013 Drs. Orwoll and DeVoe receive MRF awards for scientific leadership, innovation
11/15/2013 Congratulations! 74 faculty members promoted this year
11/15/2013 The start of something exciting
11/07/2013 Dr. Lattal receives 2013 Pavlovian Research Award
11/05/2013 Making sense of the data
11/04/2013 Two OHSU residency program coordinators garner national award
10/30/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: Honoring our veterans community
10/30/2013 Welcome New Faculty October 2013
10/29/2013 Paper of the Month: Trauma, triage and the role of patient choice
10/29/2013 Honoring excellence: 2012-2013 SoM faculty and student awards
10/29/2013 Honoring excellence: 2012-2013 SoM faculty and student awards
10/28/2013 Dr. Amling appointed first John Barry Endowed Chair of Urology
10/25/2013 OHSU institute informs the nation
10/25/2013 Hundreds gather for Marquam Hill Lecture kick-off
10/24/2013 Call for alumni awards nominations
10/22/2013 From the Archives: The Mystery of the Provenance of the Sinhalese Olas
10/22/2013 Inspiration from abroad
10/22/2013 First-year learners introduced to ultrasound technology
10/22/2013 Save the date: Women’s leadership conference May 27, 2014
10/17/2013 Dr. Gold is recipient of Effectiveness Research and Implementation Science Grant award
10/11/2013 Dr. Danve awarded the Marshall J. Schiff, MD Memorial Fellow Research Award
10/11/2013 Congratulations! 74 faculty members promoted this year
10/04/2013 Roadmap Results: Raising the profile of OHSU research
09/27/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: A September to remember
09/26/2013 Dr. Ansgar Brambrink receives The Frontiers in Anesthesia Research Award
09/26/2013 Get Involved: OHSU Interprofessional Initiative
09/26/2013 Welcome New Faculty September 2013
09/25/2013 Dr. Denman named as an APGO Scholar for 2014-15
09/25/2013 ARCS names eight new OHSU scholars to brighten the future of science
09/25/2013 ARCS names eight new OHSU scholars to brighten the future of science
09/25/2013 OHSU leaders to share education update at rural health conference
09/24/2013 South OR gets results with OPEx
09/24/2013 Summer interns sample the research life, improve professional skills
09/24/2013 From the Archives: Friend to the world and a friend of ours
09/24/2013 Celebrating the nation’s (and Oregon’s) Physician Assistants
09/20/2013 Paper of the Month: The glucose paradox in stroke, and the OHSU team way around it
09/20/2013 Jeffrey Cain, M.D. ’85, named “100 Most Influential People in Healthcare for 2013”
09/19/2013 Roadmap Results: Developing vision for areas of research distinction
09/19/2013 Andy Dworkin, MS4, receives AMA award in support of medical journalism
09/18/2013 Understanding OHSU’s balance sheet
09/18/2013 Voting now open: Top Doctors & Nurses 2014
09/18/2013 Dr. Nuttall appointed first OHSU Jack Vernon Endowed Professor of Hearing Research
08/21/2013 Building a home for computational biology at OHSU
08/20/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: Constancy, in the midst of constant change
08/20/2013 Welcome, new residents and fellows!
08/20/2013 Welcome New Faculty August 2013
08/16/2013 OHSU Board adopts budget that takes on tuition
08/16/2013 What we heard in 773 miles
08/16/2013 “Foundations of Interprofessional Practice and Research” IPE curriculum launches
08/16/2013 Dr. Adams named to the RRC
08/16/2013 PMCB coordinator Crystal Paredes named 2013 President’s Award recipient
08/16/2013 Dr. DeLoughery receives WMS Founders Award
08/15/2013 New beginnings in the Physician Assistant Program
08/15/2013 Class of 2017 White Coat bios
08/06/2013 Science, service and socks
08/01/2013 Book reading shares OHSU’s place in cancer research history
07/30/2013 Paper of the Month: If you build it, will they come?
07/30/2013 In Memoriam: Tamara Hayes, Ph.D.
07/26/2013 ROSE recipients went 29,000 feet above and beyond
07/26/2013 Dr. Lauer honored for achievements in resident education
07/25/2013 OHSU School of Medicine Colleges provide support, guidance
07/23/2013 From the Archives: Minding the Shop
07/05/2013 The Beautiful Sound of Medical Communication
07/03/2013 Why I Teach – Kathy Chappelle, M.A.
07/01/2013 ORPRN’s practice-based research yields knowledge of clinical best practices
06/25/2013 Unique global health course now available for distance learners
06/24/2013 Welcome new faculty - June 2013
06/21/2013 Progress continues with SoM Research Roadmap initiatives and proposals
06/21/2013 Dr. Cooney nominated governor, American College of Physicians, Oregon chapter
06/14/2013 OHSU receives $1 million for M.D. Curriculum Transformation
06/13/2013 Dr. Burchiel is new President of the Society of Neurological Surgeons
06/12/2013 Faculty Excellence in Education Award: Kathy Chappelle, M.A.
06/12/2013 Discovery pinpoints cause of two types of leukemia, providing insights into new treatment approach
06/12/2013 Kent Thornburg, Ph.D. named director of Bob and Charlee Moore Institute for Nutrition & Wellness
06/11/2013 Clinicians recognized for diversity and inclusion efforts
06/07/2013 Drs. Heidi and Carey Allen find their niche in rural Oregon
06/07/2013 Dr. Harris named interim director of Global Health Center
06/06/2013 Dr. Druker receives Taubman Prize
06/06/2013 Drs. Berlin, Mader are recipients of 2013 CME Distinguished Faculty Award
06/06/2013 Nutrition now for a better future
06/06/2013 Secrets of an Idle Brain
06/06/2013 From the Archives: What a ride! Boy, what a ride!
05/31/2013 Faculty Excellence in Education Award: Ken Gatter, J.D., M.D.
05/29/2013 Improving public health: a global perspective on the implications of malnutrition in the womb
05/29/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: From 27 views, one picture
05/29/2013 Recognizing distinguished faculty members
05/29/2013 OHSU Professional Staff recognize colleagues for excellence
05/29/2013 Remembering Edwin Everts, M.D.
05/29/2013 The gift of a White Coat
05/28/2013 Paper of the Month: Gene cloning leads to molecular discovery
05/28/2013 OHSU Research Week another big success
05/24/2013 Welcome New Faculty - May 2013
05/24/2013 The scholarship goes to...
05/24/2013 The OHSU Department of Family Medicine: Leading through educational innovation
05/23/2013 Why I Teach – Ken Gatter, J.D., M.D.
05/23/2013 SoM students and faculty honored for generosity and compassion
05/23/2013 Life experiences in developing countries compel Moon Yoon, MS3, to purse interests in global health
05/17/2013 From the Archives: Dr. Whitely’s Class
05/16/2013 Creating the Future of Family Medicine with 4-year Residency at OHSU
05/10/2013 The role of gender in mentoring relationships
05/10/2013 OHSU students featured in OMA scholarship video
05/10/2013 Dr. Yarris is recipient of CEM award for educational research
05/10/2013 Dr. Deiorio is recipient of CEM award for educational leadership
05/09/2013 Dr. Fried-Oken paper selected as AAC Outstanding Research Paper for 2012
05/08/2013 Baylor College of Medicine honors Dr. Loriaux
04/26/2013 Sharon Anderson, M.D., appointed to position of interim chair of the Department of Medicine
04/26/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: Keeping Rural Health In Mind
04/26/2013 SoM leadership at its finest: Robert Hitzemann, Ph.D., is the recipient of the 2013 Dean’s Award
04/26/2013 Welcome New Faculty - April 2013
04/25/2013 Dr. Jimison provides expert commentary for AHRQ
04/25/2013 Dr. McAnulty is OMA Doctor Citizen of the Year
04/24/2013 Dr. Bumsted appointed associate dean for undergraduate medical education
04/23/2013 Paper of the Month: A Potential Neuroimmune-Based Treatment for Methamphetamine Addiction
04/23/2013 Clinical Informatics Board Review Course Launches
04/23/2013 Dr. DeVoe keynotes Institute of Medicine’s Roundtable on health equity and disparity
04/23/2013 Dr. Saultz named family medicine Family Physician of the Year
04/19/2013 Sneak peek: OHSU Research Week headliners, highlights
04/17/2013 Dr. Murphy awarded ASLAP Excellence in Laboratory Animal Medicine Award
04/17/2013 Dr. Grant selected for 2013 Henri Begleiter Award for Research Excellence
04/16/2013 Harold T. Osterud, M.D., a friend of history
04/12/2013 Why I Teach – Lainie Yarris, M.D., MCR
04/08/2013 U.S. News: OHSU ranked among best graduate schools
04/01/2013 Paper of the Month: Proangiogenic Paracrine Effects of Stem Cells
03/28/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: An update on M.D. Curriculum Transformation
03/27/2013 Welcome New Faculty March 2013
03/27/2013 Faculty Excellence in Education Award: Lainie Yarris, M.D., MCR
03/26/2013 Excellence across multiple missions: The 2013 School of Medicine alumni award winners
03/26/2013 Sonja Connor elected president of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
03/26/2013 National Public Health Week is April 1-7
03/26/2013 Drs. Guise and Caughey involved in NIH forum, gestational diabetes
03/26/2013 President Robertson re-appointed to Health Policy Board
03/26/2013 Dr. Selden is recipient of the 2013 Parker Palmer Courage to Teach Award
03/26/2013 Dr. Schneider is new medical director of OHSU Physician Assistant Program
03/26/2013 MS4 students launch class gift drive to support the Tana Grady-Weliky, M.D. Scholarship
03/26/2013 From the Archives: “The Finest Hospital I Have Ever Inspected”
03/26/2013 In four hours, students provide health care to more than 265 of Portland’s underserved
03/26/2013 Match Day: 113 envelopes (and a marriage proposal)
03/21/2013 Seven awardees selected for SoM Collaboration Advancement Awards
03/21/2013 Announcing OCTRI’s round two Catalyst Pilot Project award recipients
03/21/2013 Success! The Faculty Support Initiative
03/21/2013 Solving the multi billion-dollar puzzle of health care reform
03/19/2013 School of Medicine invited to submit full proposal to American Medical Association
03/12/2013 Twenty Years On: The OHSU Neuroscience Graduate Program Celebrates a Milestone
03/07/2013 Action plan fully accepted by LCME
02/28/2013 OHSU contributes to the health care reform conversation
02/28/2013 A nutrition revolution is on the move
02/28/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: Recognizing greatness (and an LCME update)
02/28/2013 Women’s health leadership transitions
02/27/2013 Looking good!
02/27/2013 In Memoriam: Scott L. Mader, M.D. (1955–2013)
02/26/2013 Dangerous Decibels receives Safe-in-Sound award
02/26/2013 Paper of the Month: New insights into the biological basis of intellectual disabilities in children
02/21/2013 Latest OHSU faculty papers in Academic Medicine
02/20/2013 David Simmons, MS3, is recipient of inaugural Dr. James Reuler Service Award
02/20/2013 Carl Julius Hoffman, M.D. - Horseback Doctor
02/19/2013 Students rally on steps of state capitol building
02/19/2013 Dr. Duvoisin recognized for Audacious Goal in vision research
02/19/2013 2012 accolades keep Dr. Hersh in national spotlight
02/19/2013 Dr. Habecker to present lecture at ISAN this summer in Germany
02/19/2013 Welcome new faculty February '13
02/14/2013 OHSU responds: In the wake of a "superstorm"
02/11/2013 Faculty Excellence in Education Award: George D. Olsen, M.D., Professor Emeritus
02/11/2013 Why I teach - George D. Olsen, M.D., Professor Emeritus
01/31/2013 Sancy Leachman, M.D., Ph.D., is new dermatology chair
01/31/2013 Message from Dean Richardson: Imagine the future with us
01/30/2013 Emily Jacobsen, MPAS, PA-C is recipient of the Karen Whitaker Knapp Service Award
01/29/2013 Welcome new faculty January '13
01/29/2013 Dr. Deiorio is winner of 3rd National Career Development Month contest
01/29/2013 Fabulous February
01/25/2013 Paper of the Month: An integrated approach of functional genomic screens in leukemia patients
01/23/2013 The other match
01/22/2013 From the Archives: Fishing with the Faculty
01/18/2013 Q&A with Frances Biagioli, M.D., president-elect of Oregon Medical Association
01/18/2013 First PCORI funding awards include project led by Jennifer DeVoe, M.D.
01/18/2013 Dr. Stecker appointed to MEDCAC committee
01/16/2013 Drs. Purnell and Fair's commentary on fructose study receives widespread media attention
01/16/2013 Four NIH leaders to visit in February
01/14/2013 Dr. Anderson appointed to NIH Council
01/11/2013 OHSU physicians, nurses tops in Portland Monthly’s Top Docs & Nurses
01/07/2013 Enhancing Diversity in Medicine: A work in progress
01/04/2013 Dr. McCarty honored with AHA Established Investigator Award
01/01/2013 As all eyes turn to Oregon, OHSU poised to study impact of reform efforts

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