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2011 School of Medicine News Archive

12/13/2011 Dr. Rosenbaum is co-recipient of the Cless Best of the Best Award
12/12/2011 Paper of the Month: Crippled cytomegalovirus continues to provoke the immune system
12/09/2011 Dr. Kaul receives 2012 Distinguished Scientist Award
12/09/2011 Holiday Reception Attracts Alumni from Nevada, Wisconsin
12/08/2011 Oregon Evidence-based Practice Center to review bone growth product
12/08/2011 Dr. Hunter elected to Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
12/08/2011 MD students honor inpatient vets by visiting VA hospital
12/07/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Diversity 3.0 and our Women’s Stories Project
12/06/2011 Dr. Harris named a Purpose Prize Fellow for 2011
12/05/2011 Welcome new faculty - December 2011
12/05/2011 Benson/Kendall Visiting Professorship turns 15
12/05/2011 Mark Gibson appointed to the Health Evidence Review Commission
12/05/2011 Pam Curtis, MS, to chair Governor’s Early Learning Council
12/02/2011 Incoming WAM Co-Chair appreciates strength of diversity at OHSU
12/01/2011 Weighing in at 17.5 pounds, LCME Accreditation Self-Study tells our story
12/01/2011 Medical Specialty Speed Dating
12/01/2011 OHSU Mirror Therapy Expert to Provide Free Training in Vietnam
12/01/2011 OHSU study breaks new ground in understanding drug-induced deafness
11/30/2011 Retirement brings reconnection for Dr. Fearl, an active volunteer
11/28/2011 Dr. Hersh named Top 25 Clinical Informaticists for second year in a row
11/28/2011 Drs. Marks & O’Rourke: An unusual and mutually beneficial collaboration
11/28/2011 Gold Humanism Honors Society inductees exemplify compassionate care
11/21/2011 A wonderful instrument called the "stethoscope"
11/16/2011 Dr. Cohen elected Vice President for Professional Affairs American Society of Anesthesiologists
11/14/2011 Dr. Thornfeldt, Class of '77, named Innovator of the Year at Idaho Innovation Awards
11/11/2011 Dr. Mandel awarded Discovery Award from Medical Research Foundation
11/10/2011 Dr. Crabbe honored by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
11/10/2011 Dr. Hersh to Chair AMIA Annual Symposium 2012
11/10/2011 Dr. Cain, Class of ’85, is president-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians
11/10/2011 MD student awarded Physicians for a National Health Program Nick Skala Activist Award
11/10/2011 Faculty members and students honored for excellence
10/27/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: An October to Remember
10/26/2011 Welcome new faculty - October 2011
10/26/2011 Edwards exhibit recognizes co-inventor of groundbreaking heart valve
10/26/2011 Student research a cause for celebration at annual ARCS Scholar Awards Luncheon
10/25/2011 LCME update: Moving forward
10/25/2011 WWII-era decision linking VA and U.S. medical schools continues to thrive at OHSU
10/25/2011 Students report on efforts abroad at OHSU Global Health Center Symposium
10/25/2011 OHSU Telemedicine Network connects Oregonians to lifesaving health care
10/25/2011 Paper of the Month: Anti-rejection drugs and hypertension
10/24/2011 Dr. Calonge elected to Institute of Medicine
10/24/2011 OHSU’s oldest enrolled med student turns 50, celebrates by raising money for Dean’s Fund
10/20/2011 New center a “hybrid” of health services, systems research
10/20/2011 The future is here: CLSB breaks ground
10/18/2011 From the Archives: Strange and Unfamiliar Territory
10/18/2011 Parker Lab recognized by F1000 for paper on T cells
10/18/2011 Dr. Carney awarded Bishop Fellowship
10/18/2011 Portland Monthly calls Larry Sherman, PhD, one of “12 Oregonians changing our world”
10/18/2011 Dr. Gray elected to the Institute of Medicine
10/17/2011 Dr. Murphy awarded Nathan R. Brewer Scientific Achievement Award
10/17/2011 Dr. Dilts selected for NIH Merit Award
10/17/2011 Dr. Anderson appointed to ACGME Residency Review Committee for Diagnostic Radiology
10/12/2011 Three PhD candidates receive 2011 Vertex Scholarships
10/12/2011 Why I Teach - Lisa Dodson, MD
10/07/2011 The story behind the discovery: The role of the “virgin” brain
10/04/2011 Dr. Coussens appointed Chair of CDB and Director of Basic Research
09/28/2011 Oregonian Editorial Board on Dr. McConnell's mental health parity study
09/27/2011 OHSU medical students weigh in on health care reform
09/26/2011 Dr. Liu, Resident '07, named new physician member of the AAFP Board of Directors
09/26/2011 Dr. Hersh gives presentations in Singapore and China
09/26/2011 Dr. Myers, Class of '78, named President of WSMA
09/26/2011 Dr. Nutt is Movement Disorders Research Award recipient
09/26/2011 Dr. Cain, Class of '85, chosen President-Elect of AAFP
09/26/2011 LCME update: Driving change
09/26/2011 ARCS names eight new OHSU scholars in graduate studies program
09/26/2011 Four students receive first Swindells Family Scholar Award
09/26/2011 Paper of the Month: Determinants of the HIV-1 core assembly pathway
09/26/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: The responsibility of the Moore gift and next steps
09/26/2011 Thank you! The School of Medicine Alliance spruces up the student study lounges
09/26/2011 Dr. Nutt is Movement Disorders Research Award recipient.
09/26/2011 Dr. Liu, Class of '07, named new physician member of the AAFP Board of Directors.
09/26/2011 Dr. Cain, Class of '85, chosen President-Elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
09/26/2011 Dr. Myers, Class of '78, named President of WSMA.
09/24/2011 School of Medicine welcomes new graduate studies students
09/23/2011 Thank you! The School of Medicine Alliance spruces up the student study lounges.
09/22/2011 OHSU medical students weigh in on health care reform.
09/21/2011 Why I Teach - Lisa Dodson, M.D.
09/21/2011 From the Archives: Point of derivation to the dissolution
09/19/2011 Dr. Coussens appointed Chair of CDB and Director of Basic Research
09/08/2011 Help select Oregon’s next generation of physicians!
09/06/2011 Welcome new faculty - August 2011
08/30/2011 Dr. Walker honored with buffalo blanket
08/29/2011 Dean Richardson joins Blue Ridge Academic Health Group
08/29/2011 Dr. Keller leads team that focuses on the incurable 20 percent in pediatric cancer
08/26/2011 Drs. Marks and O’Rourke recognized by F1000 for paper on hypoxia
08/26/2011 Paper of the Month: MS-like disease in macaques
08/25/2011 Leslie E. Kahl, MD, appointed Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives
08/25/2011 Dr. Brunett appointed new Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education
08/25/2011 Department of Surgery Residency Program receives full accreditation with commendation
08/25/2011 GME Program commended by ACGME, given full accreditation
08/24/2011 School of Medicine welcomes Class of 2015
08/23/2011 Dr. Moorhead elected to the office of President-Elect of the American Board of Emergency Medicine
08/23/2011 OHSU role in “fetal origins of disease” research draws global audience to Portland in September
08/23/2011 From the Archives: “An Exceptionally Gifted Teacher”
08/23/2011 CME receives 6-year Accreditation with Commendation, will participate in AAMC pilot program
08/19/2011 Dr. Druker honored by American Society of Hematology
08/17/2011 Former soldiers, nurse-cancer survivor, medical missionary help make up MD Class of 2015
08/16/2011 OHSU launches “multiple mini interviews” model for medical school applicants
08/16/2011 2011 Lovejoy Award recipient "proud to be counted among your alumni"
08/13/2011 OHSU Physician Assistant Program graduates 35 students, celebrates 15th graduating class
08/11/2011 Dr. Landry elected as a Distinguished Fellow of the Society for Vascular Surgery
08/01/2011 Dr. Taylor appointed new Medical Director of the Physician Assistant Program
07/26/2011 Dr. Becker appointed to Sharp Professorship
07/25/2011 Dr. Starr takes on new role at OHSU
07/21/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience trainees receive Tartar Trust Fellowships
07/15/2011 What is a hospitalist? The people behind the name
07/14/2011 Dr. Wolfe reflects on term as President of ASMBS
07/14/2011 GME welcomes 250 new residents and fellows
07/13/2011 Dr. Girard to serve on the National Bipartisan Policy Center’s Expert Advisory Panel
07/12/2011 Dr. Jaffe is inaugural Jaffe Award recipient; award named in his honor
07/11/2011 Dr. Brunett is Impact Award recipient
07/07/2011 OHSU Human Genetics Initiative turns five!
07/06/2011 Why I Teach – Daniel Marks, MD, PhD
07/05/2011 Paper of the Month: A mystery of the ear solved
07/05/2011 Dr. Mladenovic named new OHSU Provost
07/05/2011 Medical students bike across Oregon to raise awareness of rural health challenges
06/30/2011 Drs. Gray, Spellman & colleagues develop method to determine order of mutations that lead to cancer
06/30/2011 Drs. Bourdette, Wong and researchers discover MS-like disease in monkeys
06/30/2011 Dr. Deiorio is ACEP National Faculty Teaching Award recipient
06/28/2011 OHSU Diversity Story Wall unveiled
06/28/2011 Professional Staff gives outstanding contribution awards
06/27/2011 Partnership for Scientific Enquiry students recognized at 2011 Intel fair
06/27/2011 Dr. Habecker on teaching medical students in Burundi
06/24/2011 Medical student survey assesses MD education program
06/24/2011 Message From Dr. Richardson: Jumpstarting educational technology
06/24/2011 Frederick S. Keller, MD Philanthropist of the Year Award established
06/23/2011 Department of Medicine awards announced
06/22/2011 From the Archives: Grass roots and the out patient clinic
06/22/2011 Welcome new faculty - June 2011
06/20/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Staking out the middle ground
06/16/2011 Dr. Picker and team's HIV research heard around the world
06/11/2011 Department of Surgery faculty awards announced
06/09/2011 Kidney cancer discovery could expand treatment options
06/09/2011 Department of Dermatology faculty awards announced
06/09/2011 Immediate use of an IUD following abortion more likely to prevent unintended pregnancies
06/09/2011 Heart research by Drs. Barker and Thornburg published widely in US and international media
06/09/2011 Med students lift hammers for Portland’s low-income families
06/08/2011 Study reveals how high-fat diet during pregnancy increases risk of stillbirth
06/06/2011 Hooding remarks from Dr. Sima Desai
06/06/2011 Hooding remarks from Dr. William Hersh
06/06/2011 Dr. Jennifer Redig 2011 commencement address
06/06/2011 Hooding remarks from Dr. Joe Robertson
06/06/2011 Dr. Jessica Carlson 2011 commencement address
06/06/2011 Hooding remarks from Dean Richardson
06/03/2011 Dr. Richardson's remarks before the House Health Care Committee
06/03/2011 Student's experience in two degree programs assists research into congenital heart defects
05/31/2011 Tartar Trust Fellowships announced
05/31/2011 Message from Dean Mark Richardson: April showers - May flowers
05/27/2011 From the Archives: Breaking down gender barriers in the 19th century
05/27/2011 Drs. Biagioli and Steiner get muddy for multiple sclerosis
05/27/2011 Behavioral Neuroscience celebrates 50-year anniversary
05/26/2011 OHSU physicians provide more than medicine in aftermath of Japan disaster
05/25/2011 Neurosurgical leaders converge for national conference at OHSU
05/25/2011 The ripple effect: Faculty reflect on potential of the Lead Mentor Program
05/25/2011 Faculty receive honors at annual APA meeting, Dr. Grady-Weliky remembered
05/24/2011 LCME update: A focus on medical students
05/24/2011 Why I Teach – Shannon McWeeney, PhD
05/23/2011 Paper of the Month: The Structure of Lombricine Kinase
05/23/2011 Because medical school tuition is no longer only $600
05/22/2011 Tomorrow's discoveries come to light at annual Student Research Forum
05/21/2011 Ten new scholars join alumni ranks of Portland Chapter, ARCS Foundation
05/20/2011 The Foundation for Medical Excellence honors ten new scholars
05/19/2011 Alliance welcomes Billy, Ben and Josquin at Spring lunch
05/19/2011 Letting the evidence speak
05/18/2011 From the Archives: Mackenzie Hall’s missing mural
05/18/2011 Welcome new faculty - May 2011
05/17/2011 ‘Razor Heads’ go bald to support childhood cancer research
05/17/2011 Dr. Hofmann is OMA's 2011 Doctor-Citizen of the Year
05/17/2011 OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital among top 50 in the nation
05/13/2011 Five faculty scientists honored at VA Research Day 2011
05/13/2011 Dr. Duncan receives SoM Alumni Association Post-Doc Paper of the Year Award
05/12/2011 Dr. Roselli and research team featured in Endocrine News
05/10/2011 Dr. Druker featured in Smithsonian magazine
05/09/2011 School of Medicine Alumni Association honors distinguished alumni, faculty, students
05/09/2011 Rest and wellness go hand-in-hand for OHSU residents, fellows
05/04/2011 Dr. Rosenbaum is Friedenwald Award recipient
05/03/2011 Dr. Hayflick appointed Chair of Molecular & Medical Genetics
04/28/2011 Welcome new faculty - March 2011
04/27/2011 Gold Humanism Honor Society establishes chapter at OHSU
04/27/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: April Showers - May Flowers
04/27/2011 Joe Gray presents “Beyond Genomics: The Rationale for Spatial Systems Biomedicine”
04/27/2011 Dr. Thomas receives 2011 Dean’s Award
04/27/2011 Dr. Calvert named Oregon Family Doctor of the Year
04/26/2011 Dr. Nutt is recipient of the AAN’s Movement Disorders Research Award
04/26/2011 Paper of the Month: Study shows positive signs for repair of UV-induced DNA damage in skin cells
04/26/2011 Why I Teach – Pat Brunett, MD, FACEP
04/25/2011 Fernando and Dolores Leon: Partners in living and giving
04/25/2011 Dr. Nielson appointed Associate Scientific Advisor to the Science Translational Medicine journal
04/22/2011 OHSU departments conduct outreach to legislators, public at state capitol
04/22/2011 Division of General Internal Medicine & Geriatrics honored by Multnomah County Health Department
04/22/2011 Dr. Hitzemann recounts milestones and discoveries in 40-year career
04/22/2011 LCME self-study moves forward in high gear
04/22/2011 From the Archives: “If I had it to do over again, I’d be an engineer.”
04/21/2011 StudentSpeak: [Don't] Trust Me–I’m [Not] a Doctor [Yet]
04/19/2011 Dr. Chan is recipient of Henry L. Barnett Award
04/18/2011 An opportunity of a lifetime to “learn from the giants”
04/13/2011 Faculty: Billy Martin, PhD
04/12/2011 Dr. Marks quoted in CNN article on teens and risk of heart disease
04/11/2011 Watching care delivery in a rural setting inspires desire to give back
04/11/2011 Maria Purice follows “smells and squirming maggots” into research
04/11/2011 Foundation for Physical Therapy presents Dr. King with its largest ever single research grant award
04/11/2011 Dr. Lewy honored by alma mater, receives Professional Achievement Award
04/11/2011 Dr. Barker co-authors study finding treatment for rare lung disease
04/04/2011 Hands-on science breaks down educational barriers
04/04/2011 Ariela Brodsky makes lemonade from lemons (but watches the sugar)
03/31/2011 Exceptional research seeks outstanding judges
03/31/2011 Doernbecher scientists discover new approach to overcoming drug resistance in a childhood cancer
03/31/2011 OHSU hospital ranks first in Portland metro area
03/30/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Reflections on Match Day and the high bar set by our learners
03/30/2011 Clinic, panels, trail run raise awareness and funds for the uninsured
03/29/2011 Identifying patients at risk for trafficking
03/29/2011 Nigerian physician gives OHSU a view of global health from the developing world
03/28/2011 Dr. Orwoll appointed Associate Dean for Clinical Science
03/28/2011 Friends of Doernbecher awards $100,000 in grants to Doernbecher faculty and staff
03/28/2011 Anita Taylor appointed Assistant Dean of Student Development
03/28/2011 Pat Kenney-Moore completes AAMC’s Medical Education Research Certificate program
03/28/2011 Research points to hidden turmoil in academic culture
03/25/2011 Influx of applicants to OHSU residency program shows need to increase Oregon’s GME Slots
03/24/2011 Three Division of Internal Medicine & Geriatrics faculty elected to key leadership positions
03/24/2011 Dr. Saha is recipient of SGIM Herbert W. Nickens Award
03/24/2011 LCME survey shows big jump in number of faculty receiving annual reviews
03/23/2011 Dr. Sheppard receives chair endowment
03/23/2011 Diversity Story Wall seeks alumni contributions
03/23/2011 Dr. Guyton named Division Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery
03/23/2011 Why I teach: Rebecca Harrison, MD, FACP
03/23/2011 StudentSpeak: Breathless
03/23/2011 Remarks by Dr. Richardson before Senate Health Care, Human Services & Rural Health Policy Committee
03/23/2011 A bold new vision of global health
03/22/2011 Dr. Thornburg to chair NICHD committee, develop institute’s scientific vision
03/22/2011 Dr. Barker awarded the 2011 Richard Doll Prize
03/21/2011 OHSU medical students present case for change in Salem
03/18/2011 Neurological Surgery leads influx of highly qualified women into neurosurgical training
03/18/2011 Med students win coveted fellowship award
03/17/2011 From the Archives: Round Up the Posse! Hance F. Haney MD, PhD
03/17/2011 U.S. News & World Report ranks four SoM education programs in Top 10 nationwide
03/16/2011 Dr. Goldberg comments on mail-order genetic tests
03/16/2011 Dr. Tolle quoted in Wall Street Journal
03/16/2011 Paper of the Month: Maternal nutrition and understanding its impact on the fetus
03/10/2011 Dr. Nelson weighs in on mammogram screening debate
03/10/2011 Dr. Schreiber explores method to reduce blood-clot risk in trauma patients
02/25/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: What I've heard
02/24/2011 Dr. Hersh weighs in on health care workforce issues and technology
02/24/2011 No power? No problem. Training equips physicians to deliver care on medical missions
02/23/2011 Good news for women who become infertile during cancer treatment
02/23/2011 Mentoring across generations: Teamwork and the Michael Jackson test
02/23/2011 Identity and health care fundamentally linked in African American community
02/23/2011 Dr. Anderson a “dyed in the wool” academic leader
02/23/2011 Welcome new faculty - February 2011
02/23/2011 Survival of chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells is independent of BCR-ABL tyrosine kinase activity
02/23/2011 Dr. Carney named recipient of a Bishop Fellowship Award
02/22/2011 Dr. Richardson is recipient of the Gabriel F. Tucker Award for 2011
02/22/2011 Primary Care Review attracts over 300 to downtown Portland
02/22/2011 Reasons why a PhD is way better than any other professional degree—no bias of course
02/18/2011 Scientists discover cell of origin for childhood muscle cancer
02/18/2011 Faculty, resident and student participate in OPB discussion about reform
02/17/2011 OHSU fixes complex heart problems without open-heart surgery
02/17/2011 Why I Teach - Frances Biagioli, MD
02/17/2011 Dr. Nyendak selected as Associate Scientific Advisor to the Science Translational Medicine journal
02/17/2011 Dr. Druker is recipient of the Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award
02/17/2011 Dr. Druker is MERIT Award recipient
02/17/2011 From the Archives: Portland’s first trained neurosurgeon - Arthur John McLean, MD
02/17/2011 Family to hold gathering for Dr. Porter
02/14/2011 From fuel pump to heart valve, M. Lowell Edwards sought solutions
02/14/2011 Dr. Benninger’s success in clinical anatomy research sparked by passion for mentoring students
02/04/2011 Emeritus Professor Dr. Robert Blakeley passes away
01/27/2011 Message from Dean Richardson: Developing innovative leaders
01/27/2011 Dr. Hurn accepts prominent leadership position at University of Texas System
01/27/2011 Funding excellence: A role for everyone
01/27/2011 Welcome new faculty - January 2010
01/26/2011 Dr. Primack appointed Interim Chair of Diagnostic Radiology
01/25/2011 StudentSpeak: Why does getting a PhD take so long?
01/24/2011 Dr. Jui receives 2010 Director's Medal Award
01/24/2011 Dr. Sahni named OCEP 2010 Member of the Year
01/24/2011 In Memoriam: Tana Grady-Weliky, MD
01/24/2011 Dr. Helfand appointed to Methodology Committee of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
01/24/2011 January '11 Paper of the Month
01/21/2011 Dr. Naik among December's Golden Rose Award winners
01/21/2011 The public health army’s four-star general
01/21/2011 Yassar Arain: a medical career forged in Oregon, Cairo, Pakistan and Orange County
01/21/2011 OHSU research shows oral contraceptives not responsible for weight gain
01/19/2011 “By all means study medicine . . .”
01/19/2011 OHSU Doernbecher named Center of Excellence for Batten disease
01/14/2011 Dr. Conn honored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science
01/13/2011 Dr. Spiro quoted in NPR on treating children with ear infections
01/13/2011 OHSU tops the Portland Monthly’s annual list of top physicians – again!
01/12/2011 StudentSpeak: Collaborator, Friend, Whiteboard
01/12/2011 Why I Teach – Suzanne Mitchell, PhD
01/11/2011 Dr. Shinto and colleagues test new fish oil/lipoic acid combination as Alzheimer’s treatment
01/11/2011 Lincoln City clinics team up with OHSU to target obesity
01/11/2011 Dr. Keller awarded a Joanna McAfee Childhood Cancer Foundation grant
01/05/2011 Dr. Tolle featured in Wall Street Journal article on digital lists, end-of-life choices
01/04/2011 The physical exam - upholding a history of front line work
01/03/2011 Honors and Awards
01/03/2011 Building the first blocks of a career in science

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