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"Broadly, our goals are to prepare health care professionals for the changing health care delivery and discovery environments, and to do so in ways that continue placing emphasis on self-directed and also include life-long and interprofessional education." 

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What will society need from physicians and health care professionals over the next 20 to 30 years?

In 1994, the OHSU School of Medicine answered that question by implementing a redesign of our M.D. curriculum. Our focus on what was then a cutting-edge approach to education earned us a national reputation, and helped support Oregon's physician workforce needs.


Prospective students: Click on the YOUR M.D. icon above to take a look at the curriculum.

Over the past two decades, the health care landscape has evolved and now is doing so at an ever-faster pace: reform, team-based health care, personalized medicine derived from unique genetic profiles, and an explosion of information technology – from smart phones to the electronic health record.

The time is right to ask the same question: What will society need from physicians over the next 20 to 30 years? To answer the question, the OHSU School of Medicine is again transforming our M.D. curriculum.

We prepare physicians to be leaders in a health care delivery and discovery environment that is rapidly changing – and likely to continue evolving under any future scenario.

The YOUR M.D. curriculum builds on and expands the strengths of our current curriculum, enhances our commitment to Oregon's rural and underserved communities, and ensures OHSU continues to educate and graduate the types of physicians most needed by Oregon.

Curriculum-Template-clean-logoThe curriculum (see draft at right) embraces innovative new teaching methods, emphasizing 21st century skills related to health care quality, genetics, interprofessional teamwork, data interpretation, technology, costs and more. In time, our students will advance through customized learning plans, allowing some students to complete medical school at an accelerated pace.

Our program creates lifelong learners, adaptable to an always-evolving health care environment and ready to provide the highest quality care for patients, communities and populations.

Together, we have imagined the physician of the mid-21st century. Together, we have developed a curriculum to educate this future physician. Together, we are changing the future of health.

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Did you know? M.D. students will experience curriculum transformation in the new OHSU/OUS Collaborative Life Sciences Building.




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