M.D. Curriculum Transformation retreat set stage for 2013 and beyond

CT-retreat 022-video imageThe M.D. Transformation retreat set the stage for the next steps in the School of Medicine's curricular change process. It provided an opportunity to seek input from over 200 members of our community who attended, to get ideas flowing, to gather information which will inform next steps, and to keep the community informed and involved. Retreat attendees spanned the breadth of the school, with representatives from nearly every department, and including faculty, students, school and Foundation staff and alumni.

The overall tone for the retreat was set by Dean Mark Richardson, with his encouragement to think big about education at the School of Medicine.

"I want everybody to think about what the future will look like for our education mission, and to take the time to use your imagination to help design that future," said Dean Richardson. "Let's take what is unique about Oregon and the School of Medicine and incorporate that into a new curriculum."

In the weeks and months to come, continued involvement of our community of faculty, students and staff in the curricular development and assessment process will be essential. Stay up to date and share ideas and opinions by following the EdNews blog, and use this website to find resources and reports.