From the Dean: June 2013

OHSU School of Dentistry Welcomes 92 New Colleagues

Gary ChiodoJune 5, 2013

Dear School of Dentistry community,

It is that time of year when we release another batch of highly-trained clinicians into the “real” world to practice dentistry on their own. This is one of the proudest moments for a dean: to watch those who have been in your care for four years successfully transition from student to colleague. And I am extremely honored to present each member of the Class of 2013 as my colleague.

OHSU School of Dentistry is graduating 92 individuals this year. Seventy-five individuals are receiving doctor of dental medicine degrees. Another 17 are receiving certificates in one of five specialties:  pediatric dentistry (five); oral and maxillofacial surgery (two); endodontology (three); periodontology (three) and orthodontics (four).  We also have two individuals who are receiving a specialty certificate, and a master of science degree.

The 75 individuals from the DMD Class of 2013 were matriculated from a pool of 1,132 applicants.  Those are very long odds, and they speak to the exemplary preparation of those who make it into dental school.  This class entered with an average undergraduate grade point average of 3.6, and very high scores on the Dental Aptitude Test. Our new DMD’s have now passed countless examinations, demonstrated the 27 patient care-based competencies, and spent about 4,500 hours in classes, labs, the simulation clinic, and the patient care clinics.  Over the past four years, they have treated more than 4,100 grateful patients during their 38,500 patient visits.  The Class of 2013 has jumped over the hurdles of national board exams, cadaver dissection, burned fingers, plaster dust, and calmed anxious patients … and they have done all of it in style.

Our residents have an equally rigorous route to graduate school … and graduation. After receiving a dental degree, residencies involve an additional investment of two- to six-years. Ours is an academically and clinically demanding curriculum, and residents are on-call at all hours while conducting research projects, taking multiple competency exams, and caring for even more medically-complex patients.

Many of our graduates have families for which to provide and some of our female students have birthed children while in school. We have graduates who have endured family tragedies, had setbacks to their coursework, or had to work to make ends meet … all while achieving their dream.  Eight of our DMD graduates have OHSU dental relatives.

It is my very strong hope that our new graduates move forward into the next steps of their health care career with the same excitement they feel when they receive their lilac hood: with a mission of providing excellent patient care and a passion for lifelong learning. 

Congratulations Class of 2013 on a well-chosen career.

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Gary Chiodo, D.M.D. `78, F.A.C.D.
OHSU School of Dentistry Interim Dean