Research Projects

Investigator Projects
Balkowiec, A
  • Neurotrophins and Plasticity of Trigeminal Pathways
  • Role of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Trigeminal Sensory Pathways
  • Rose of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in the Arterial Baroreceptor Pathways
Baumgartner, J.C.
Microorganisms associated with endodontic infections
Danilchik, M
The Role of Dynamic Filopodia in Early Blastomere Adhesion
Ferracane, J
  • Pacific Northwest Dental Practice Based Research Network
  • Novel Dental Desensitizing Agent Based on a Biomimetic Approach
  • Evaluation of Mercury Release from Dental Amalgams
Hilton, T
  • Effects of interfacial gaps and restorative material on biofilm formation and recurrent caries
  • Bulk composite depth of cure
  • Effect of copposite insertion technique on void formation
  • Clinical and laboratory evaluation of restorative materials
  • Practice-based Oral Health Research
  • Assessment of cracks in teeth
Kent, K
Nervous System Development
King, S
Amphipathic Structures in GABA Transport
Lampi, K
Deamidation in Human Beta-Crystallin Structure
Laughlin, G
Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Program in Dental, Craniofacial and Oral Health Research
Machida, C
  • Adrenergic Receptor Mechanisms in Antidepressant Therapy
  • Adrenergic Receptor Transcriptional Repressor and Cardiac Hypertrophy
  • bZIP repressor of Adrenergic Receptor RNA in Neurons
Merritt, J
  • Oral microbial ecology
  • Oral bacterial genetics
Meredith, M
  • Spirochetes Indicate Susceptibility to Periodontitis
  • The Biochemistry of Hyperthermic Cellular Inactivation
Mitchell, J
  • Biomimetic Adhesive for Mineralized Tissues
  • Characterization of Biocompatibility and Evaluation of Osteoblast Attachment and Proliferation on Different Textured Surfaces
  • Novel Bioactive Glass Ionomer Cements: The Effect of Varying Constituent Weight Fraction on Apatite Formation and Mechanical Properties
Morton, D
Regulation and Function of Cyclic GMP in the CNS
Robertson, L
Sensorimotor Processing
Sakaguchi, R
  • Reduction of Composite Polymerization Contraction Stress
  • Enhancing the Dental Faculty Workforce
Shearer, T
  • Calcium-activated protease in cataract formation
  • Calpain research