The predoctoral dental curriculum leads to the award of the doctor of dental medicine (D.M.D.) degree. The objectives of this curriculum are education of competent general practitioners of dentistry and preparation for life-long learning and advanced training. There are 42 weeks of instruction per year in each the four years of the curriculum.

The purpose of the predoctoral dental educational program is to provide the opportunity for the learner to gain scientific knowledge and clinical skills needed in the practice of the profession, to instill the highest standards of professional conduct as a way of life and to promote a dedication to continuous, life-long professional study and improvement.

Health care is more than a collection of knowledge and skills; dental professionals need certain personal qualities to meet the needs of their patients and the standards of their community. The faculty foster each student's commitment to high ethical and moral values, an understanding of human interrelations, the ability to communicate, and an appreciation of the community's and nation's health goals.