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Early in the 2016-2017 academic year I participated in the DS1 Conference on Ethics and Professionalism, held at Cannon Beach on the Oregon coast. It was wonderful to see the eager first year students involvement in this conference. They heard a talk from Dean Marucha about the school, discussed the American Student Dental Association Code of Conduct and received sweatshirts as welcome gifts from the Alumni Association. Then, with the help of their Group Practice leaders and D3 and D4 student volunteers, they divided up into their Bridge Groups and worked on case studies. Having started their curriculum in the summer rather than the fall, already they are honing their knowledge of Dentistry much earlier than the students of my generation.

During the conference I heard the students express their desire for OHSU to remain focused on restorative excellence. I know alumni have the same expectations. They also have the opportunity to work outside the school, especially in rural areas. The goal of their curriculum and the opportunities provided inside and outside the School over the next four years is to make the graduates "practice ready" –both clinically and ethically. Many hours will be devoted to developing the hand skills and clinical diagnosis skills they will need as professionals. This conference was dedicated to developing their professional and ethical skills. As a result of this experience, if a future employer were to ask them to do something unethical, they will know not to do it.

The finale is always the Sand Sculpture Competition on Friday morning. The theme this year was "Olympics" and the DS1s hit the sand running. They had 80 minutes and all did a remarkable job. The six entries were amazing in their imagination, execution and presentation. In the end there was a tie for the Alder trophy between the Hawthorne and Steel bridge groups. We offered to have the trophy shared between them for six months each or to have them flip a coin with the winner taking all. Nobody wanted to risk a flip so the trophy will be shared by both groups in the coming year.

I thought the students' choice said a lot about our profession. We are not gamblers. When the American Dental Association Annual Session was held in Las Vegas in 2012, local conference organizers would not let us stay over a weekend. We were told dentists did not gamble enough and they didn't want to waste renting weekend rooms to non-gamblers. Good for us. Most of us don't gamble in our profession either.

Thank you all for your support. The students need and deserve it.

Tom Pollard, DMD '74
President, OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association

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