News & Announcements

Congratulations to Dr. Tobie Jones and Dr. Silvia Amaya-Pajares who were each awarded the "2017 ADEA Leadership Institute Phase V Leadership Development Tuition scholarship – ADEA Summer Program for Emerging Academic Leaders."

March 3: Shriner's Hospital for Children Research Seminar Series, Portland
Dr. Luiz Bertassoni
is an invited Speaker, "From nano-structural characterization of teeth, to biofabrication of complex tissues."

March 19-21: American Dental Education Association (ADEA), Long Beach, CA
Dr. Rose McPharlin
will speak at the Annual Session in Long Beach on a collaborative panel with University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Louisiana State University on Portfolio

March 22-25: International Association for Dental Research (IADR), San Francisco, CA
Dr. Carmem Pfeifer will be the keynote speaker, "Alternatives to Conventional Methacrylate Chemistry for Dental Restorative Materials." She will also be a presenter at a lunch and learn session: "Monomer Chemistries in Dental Composites: Current Trends and Future Perspectives," as well as being a featured speaker at the Dentsply-sponsored symposium, "Filler-related factors affecting the clinical performance of dental composites."
Dr. Luis Bertassoni will deliver a research talk and serve as session chair, "Engineering Pre-vascularized, Photocurable Scaffolds for Pulp Regeneration.

April 6: Oregon Dental Conference, Portland (9am-noon)
"Green Dentistry THC and Teeth? What you Need to Know About Cannabis"
Presented by Dr. Caroline DeVincenzi and Dr. Barry Taylor Recommended for DHA OM;Course number 8107 ODA;3 CE credits Marijuana is the most common used recreational drug in the United States. 23 states currently have some form of legalized marijuana;twelve states have legalized it for recreational use. It is estimated that over 10% of the US population uses it at least once a year. This 3-hour course will be an unbiased presentation of marijuana and its role in dentistry.

April 21: Portland State University Seminars, Portland, OR
Dr. Luiz Bertassoni Invited Speaker, "3D biomanufacturing of tissues and organs in microscale."

May 19-21: 2nd International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine, Mainz Germany
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Printing of Vascularized Tissue Constructs and Reconfigurable Hydrogel Microfluidic Devices."  

June 25-29: Penn Perio Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Bioprinting of pre-vascularized craniofacial bone

July 19-22: 53rd Meeting of the Brazilian Dental Materials Research Group, Fortaleza, Brazil
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "The Nano and Microscale Challenges for the Restorative/Regenerative Dentistry of the Future"

Oct 2-4: Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics World Congress, San Diego CA
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Printing of Vascularized Tissue Constructs and Reconfigurable Hydrogel Microfluidic Devices."  

Oct 7: OAGD's Fall Symposium: All Things Considered: Planning for Tooth Replacement, Portland
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "An update on the use of stem cells and tissue engineering in clinical dentistry"