News & Announcements

Congratulations to Dr. Tobie Jones and Dr. Silvia Amaya-Pajares who were each awarded the "2017 ADEA Leadership Institute Phase V Leadership Development Tuition scholarship – ADEA Summer Program for Emerging Academic Leaders."

February 15: University of Washington-School of Dentistry, Seattle, WA
Keynote speaker: Dr. Juliana Branco da Costa presenting "The Novo Curriculum"

February 22: Medical Univ. of So. Carolina College of Dental Medicine Scholar's Day, Charleston, SC
Keynote speaker: Dr. Jack Ferracane presenting "The Impact and Clinical Relevance of Shrinkage Stress in Dental Composite Restorations." 

February 24: Academy of Operative Dentistry, Chicago, IL
Dr. Tom Hilton will be named as the recipient of the prestigious Award of Excellence. Congratulations Dr. Hilton!

February 25 &26: The American Academy of Restorative Dentistry (AARD), Chicago, IL
Dr. Thad Langford currently serves as the President of the AARD. The 2017 Annual Meeting will feature Dr. Jack Ferracane as the main presenter. He will speak on his essay, "The State of the Art of Dental Composite Materials."

March 3: Shriner's Hospital for Children Research Seminar Series, Portland
Dr. Luiz Bertassoni is an invited Speaker, "From nano-structural characterization of teeth, to biofabrication of complex tissues."

March 19-21: American Dental Education Association (ADEA), Long Beach, CA
Dr. Rose McPharlin
will speak at the Annual Session in Long Beach on a collaborative panel with University of Missouri, Kansas City, and Louisiana State University on Portfolio

March 22-25: International Association for Dental Research (IADR), San Francisco, CA
Dr. Carmem Pfeifer will be the keynote speaker, "Alternatives to Conventional Methacrylate Chemistry for Dental Restorative Materials." She will also be a presenter at a lunch and learn session: "Monomer Chemistries in Dental Composites: Current Trends and Future Perspectives," as well as being a featured speaker at the Dentsply-sponsored symposium, "Filler-related factors affecting the clinical performance of dental composites."
Dr. Luis Bertassoni will deliver a research talk and serve as session chair, "Engineering Pre-vascularized, Photocurable Scaffolds for Pulp Regeneration.

April 6: Oregon Dental Conference, Portland (9am-noon)
"Green Dentistry THC and Teeth? What you Need to Know About Cannabis"
Presented by Dr. Caroline DeVincenzi and Dr. Barry Taylor Recommended for DHA OM;Course number 8107 ODA;3 CE credits Marijuana is the most common used recreational drug in the United States. 23 states currently have some form of legalized marijuana;twelve states have legalized it for recreational use. It is estimated that over 10% of the US population uses it at least once a year. This 3-hour course will be an unbiased presentation of marijuana and its role in dentistry.

April 21: Portland State University Seminars, Portland, OR
Dr. Luiz Bertassoni Invited Speaker, "3D biomanufacturing of tissues and organs in microscale."

May 19-21: 2nd International Conference on 3D Printing in Medicine, Mainz Germany
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Printing of Vascularized Tissue Constructs and Reconfigurable Hydrogel Microfluidic Devices."  

June 25-29: Penn Perio Conference, Philadelphia, PA
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Bioprinting of pre-vascularized craniofacial bone

July 19-22: 53rd Meeting of the Brazilian Dental Materials Research Group, Fortaleza, Brazil
Keynote Speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "The Nano and Microscale Challenges for the Restorative/Regenerative Dentistry of the Future"

Oct 2-4: Lab-on-a-Chip & Microfluidics World Congress, San Diego CA
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "3D Printing of Vascularized Tissue Constructs and Reconfigurable Hydrogel Microfluidic Devices."  

Oct 7: OAGD's Fall Symposium: All Things Considered: Planning for Tooth Replacement, Portland
Invited speaker - Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, "An update on the use of stem cells and tissue engineering in clinical dentistry"