Arthur C. Brown

Arthur C. Brown

Arthur C. Brown, Ph.D. (U. Washington, 1960)

Professor Emeritus

Joint Appointment: Physiology & Pharmacology, School of Medicine

Research Interests

Our research is in the area of the neurophysiology and vascular function of the mouth and teeth. In particular, we study pain and other sensations arising from teeth and the periodontal ligament and the control of the microcirculation of the tooth pulp.

For the pain studies, we use a computer controlled stimulator and a computer program for real time control of various stimulus patters to the teeth of human subjects. The program permits tracking of stimulus detection threshold, pain threshold, and tolerance threshold.

For the cardiovascular studies, we measure the tooth pulp hydrostatic pressure in both humans and experimental animals in response to external stimuli such as heat and the response to internal variables such as systemic arterial pressure and to topical and systemic pharmacological agents. Based on these studies, we have developed a hemodynamic model of the tooth pulp circulation.

Representative Publications

Brown, A.C., Beeler, W.J., Kloka, A.C., and Fields, R.W. Spatial summation of pre-pain and pain in human teeth. Pain 21:1-16, 1985.

Biedenbach, M.A., DeVito, J.L., and Brown, A.C. Pyramidal tract of the cat: Axon size and morphology. Experimental Brain Research 61:303-310, 1986.

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