2nd Year

Dr. Mark Germack

Mark Germack

Dr. Germack graduated from Western Washington University with a B.S. in Cellular and Molecular Biology and completed his dental school training at Marquette University in 2005. He then practiced in the Seattle area prior to joining the OHSU residency program. In his free time, Dr. Germack enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, and cooking.

Dr. Pat Heaphy

Patrick Heaphy

Dr. Patrick Heaphy graduated from Montana State University with a B.S. in Cell Biology and Neuroscience in 2003. He followed the love of his life to Portland and after some soul-searching, a chance encounter with an alum of OHSU caused him to apply to dental school. Fortunately, he was accepted and training at OHSU in 2010, a time during which he made some of the best friends in his life. After graduating he and his wife decided to return to Montana to raise a family and enter into private practice. A short time later, it was clear that he would be happiest continuing his career as a specialist. Another chance meeting with a former graduate of the OHSU Endodontics program sparked a fire to explore and then pursue a career in endodontics. Once again, he was fortunately accepted at OHSU this time at the new CLSB! He is thrilled at the opportunity to train amongst what he considers to be some of his best friends and to continue in the tradition of collegiality that is so wonderful about the Endodontology department at OHSU!

Dr. Robert McBride

Robert McBride

Dr. Robert McBride is a proud father of four great kids and has been married to his beautiful wife for 10 wonderful years. The McBride family recently relocated from Broomfield, Colorado where Dr. McBride owned and operated a dental practice for 5 years. Dr. McBride earned his dental degree from The Ohio State University. Prior to living in Columbus Ohio, Dr. McBride earned his undergraduate degree from Southern Utah University. Dr. McBride enjoys spending time with his family and cheering for The "Buckeyes".

1st Year

Dr. Susan Chang

Dr. Chang is a proud mother of two children and has been married to her husband for 10 wonderful years. She earned her dental degree from The University of Michigan. Prior to that, Dr. Chang earned her undergraduate degree from McGill University. Dr. Chang enjoys spending quality time with her family, cooking, and traveling.

Dr. Joseph Peck

Dr. Joe Peck received his BA in Psychology from the University of Utah. Later, he moved to Pennsylvania to attend the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine. There he earned his DMD degree in 2012. Most recently, he worked as the lead dentist of a community health center in Walla Walla, WA. The clinic focused on providing care to migrant farm workers. While working there, he developed an interest in endodontics. He was thrilled to be offered a position in OHSU's endodontic residency and loves living in Portland. Growing up in Utah, Dr. Peck developed a love for anything that involves the outdoors: skiing, wakeboarding, hiking, camping, mountain biking and running. But his true passion is spending as much time as possible with his wonderful wife and two children. He and his family have fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and plan to settle in the area after completing his residency at OSHU.

Dr. Jacob Surjan


Dr. Jacob Surjan received a BS in Chemistry from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago for dental school and received his DDS degree in 2006. Dr. Surjan worked as a general dentist for 10 years prior to beginning residency at OHSU. Dr. Surjan has been married for 7 years and has 2 children. Dr. Surjan enjoys skiing, snowboarding, billiards, and table soccer (foosball).