Sorum-Xia Award


Each year The Sorum-Xia Award in Endodontics is awarded to a senior dental student who shows exceptional interest and ability in Endodontics. Larry Sorum was a 1978 graduate of OHSU. He was an endodontist in the Air Force when he died of cancer at an early age. The Sorum-Xia award includes a certificate, a check, and the inscription of the winner's name on a plaque that is displayed in the dental school. This award goes to the winner of a case presentation competition for senior dental students. Presentation of this award is made during the awards ceremony before graduation. This competition is open to all interested senior students. This award is supported by Dr. Tian Xia, an alum of the OHSU Endodontic Graduate Program.

Sorum/AAE Presenters 2015
Yangshin Woo, Adam Fox, Seth Monson, Jordan Peterschmidt

Past Winners

2015 Seth Monson
2014 Carly Peterschmidt
2013 Andrew Broadsword and Jarid Burley
2012 Lee DeKrey
2011 Annie McLean
2010 Calie Roa
2009 Alan Chen
2008 Kristine Berg
2007 Steve Hansen
2006 Aaron Tinkle
2005 Ryan Donnelly
2004 Salwan Adjaj
2003 Melody Maani-Zamora
2002 Marcus Stones
2001 Scott Carter
2000 John Swain
1999 Mary Beth Bowman
1998 Marty Burbano
1997 Derrick Dickerson
1996 Brett Norda
1995 Kevin Schow
1994 Ronald Packham
1993 Dan Rasmussen
1992 Len Gerken
1991 Maren Weliky
1990 Michael Mauger
1989 Eric Dahle
1988 Doug Luiten