Community Dentistry

The Department of Community Dentistry includes the areas of community-based education, dental public health, behavioral science, history of dentistry, geriatrics, practice management and professional roles in oral health care.

Welcome to Community Dentistry

The vision of the Department is to

  • Provide a contemporary and high-quality Community Dentistry education to pre-doc and post-doc students;
  • Build collaborative relationships with other Public Health units within and outside OHSU for research and development.
  • Pursue opportunities to address oral health and disparities in practice;
  • Explore models of dental care integration and delivery;
  • Be the resource for oral health policy and research for the region.
We are in the process of building up our departmental capacity to address these issues and are excited to pursue a range of opportunities with collaborators from across the State. We will record our progress here in due course, so please check back with us.

News & Events

  • Evening lecture hosted by Department of Community Dentistry: Non-invasive caries management - with special emphasis on recent research and clinical experience with Silver Diamine Fluoride.
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  • We are pleased to announce that Wael Sabbah, BDS, DDPH, MSc, PhD, accepted our full-time position and joined the department in November 2011.His previous position was as Senior Research Fellow with the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health, University College London, United Kingdom.
  • We received a grant from Kaiser Permanente to conduct a three-year trial for an extended community based rotation program.This year we have 12 fourth-year students doing a four-week rotation.We'll post the results later.
  • Watch for our new section:Research & Innovation.
Community Dental Rotations