Wael Sabbah, BDS, DDPH, MSc, PhD

Wael Sabbah

Dr Sabbah is an Associate Professor of Community Dentistry.He participates in organizing and teaching courses in Community Dentistry to DMD students.His main research interests are in the relationship between oral health and general health, socioeconomic and ethnic disparities in oral health and use of services, the social determinants of oral health and related-behaviors, and assessments of oral health outcomes.His teaching experiences include teaching and supervising Master and PhD students in Dental Public Health. Dr Sabbah completed a specialty training program in Dental Public Health at the University of Toronto where he obtained MSc degree and DDPH. He also has a PhD degree from University College London, and BDS from University of Alexandria.

Five significant publications

1.Morita I, Inagaki K, Nakamura F, Noguchi T, Matsubara T, Yoshii S, Nakagaki H, Mizuno K, Sheiham A, Sabbah W. Relationship between periodontal status and levels of glycated haemoglobin. J Dent Res 2011 [Epub ahead of print] PMID 22157098.

2.Sabbah W, Tsakos G, Chandola T, Newton T, Kawachi I, Sheiham A, Marmot MG, Watt RG. The relationship between social network, social support and periodontal disease among older Americans. J Clin Periodontol 2011; 38:547-52.

3.Morita I, Okamoto Y, Yoshii S, Nakagaki H, Mizuno K, Sheiham A, Sabbah W. Five year incidence of periodontal disease is related to BMI at baseline. J Dent Res. 2011: 90; 199-202.

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Sabbah W, Tsakos G, Chandola T, Sheiham A, Watt RG. Social gradients in oral and general health. J Dent Res 2007, 86: 992-6.