amanda troillet

1.       What attracted you to the LEND program at the CDRC?

The opportunity to work collaboratively with other OTs.

2.       What has been the most positive aspect of the program so far?

The thorough utilization of multidisciplinary teams. This is not common so the opportunity to learn here and be an active participant in these teams is truly unique.  You will also get very familiar with standardized evaluations and be encouraged to look at the child through a very comprehensive lens not just from an occupational therapy treatment perspective.

3.       What is your research focus?

The role of Kangaroo Care in the NICU. Specifically how the frequency of KC provision influences a baby's length of hospital stay.

4.       What is your leadership focus?

Developing a "Counselor in Training" program for children with ASD to become counselors at Camp Odakoda, a week long overnight camp for children with ASD.

5.       How will this fellowship help you in your role as an OT?

It has definitely reinforced the importance of being client-centered and really taking into account what is best for the child as they are within their individual family unit --  so not separating the child from his/her environment in which he/she lives and making sure that we are taking all of those factors in to account. It has also heightened my awareness of how important communication and collaboration is between providers and how difficult to achieve that can be for families