Internal Documents

To provide further information on Export Control Compliance for the OHSU community, the following documents provide and excellent resource for review.

Introduction to Export Controls - Basic Power Point Presentation Overview

International Travel - A document that provides further information and steps for international travelers and their departments to take to ensure safety and security of information and technology.

Export Compliance for Scientific/Medical Equipment - An explanation of the control requirements for foreign nationals/non US citizens who are employed by OHSU when using advanced research and medical equipment.

International Shipping of Biological Agents - A mandatory process to ensure export compliance of any shipments internationally

Technology Control Plan - A workbook to be used by those who are working under an issued export license.  The Office of Export Controls will work with the department to develop this workbook plan.

Additional Resources and Links:

Stanford University Office of Export Controls

For information, as OHSU continues to develop the Export Compliance Program, we look to other resources including other Universities as a great existing resource for export compliance issues.  for informational purposes only.  Please contact the OHSU Export Controls office for clarification or support on any export control issues.