Export Questionnaire

Export controls exist to protect the national security and foreign policy interests of this country. Laws and regulations are put in place that govern the shipment, transmission, or transfer of certain regulated items, information or software to foreign persons or entities. 

When export control regulations apply, for example when the "fundamental research" safe harbor is unavailable, the shipping or sharing of regulated items, information or software may require approval from the US Government in the form of an export license. Most of the items, information or software that OHSU ships or shares with its colleagues and research partners is not of a nature that would be restricted for these purposes, nor are they destined for countries or individuals subject to US embargoes or sanctions. 

OHSU however is required to exercise due diligence, and the questionnaire below will lead to a determination of whether or not an export control license maybe applicable.

Important Notice: Export controls apply whenever tangible items (equipment, components, materials etc.) are being sent or hand carried outside US borders, OR when controlled information or software code is being shared with "foreign persons or entities" in the US or transferred physically, visually or orally to foreign persons abroad.