Volunteer or Intern at the Library

The OHSU Library welcomes volunteers to serve in a variety of capacities, depending upon experience, educational background, time available, and interest. Examples of library volunteer activities are:

  • Contribute to library digitization projects (e.g., descriptive metadata input and OCR text correction)
  • Working on special inventory or cataloging projects
  • Processing archival materials
  • Intern at the library (for library school and library assistant students)

If you are interested in volunteering at the Library, please contact:

  • Kristina DeShazo (deshazok@ohsu.edu, 503-494-1637) - Projects related to working with collections.
  • Maija Anderson (andermai@ohsu.edu, 503-418-2287) - Working with historical collections
  • Kyle Banerjee (banerjek@ohsu.edu, 503-494-0883) - Digitization projects
  • Stephanie Kerns (kernss@ohsu.edu, 503-494-3478) - Information & Research Services