Thesis Processing

Who should I talk to about arranging for binding my thesis?

Contact Kathy Stewart at or 503-494-4387 or Kelly Wellington at and 503-494-3491.

What does it cost to have my thesis bound?

The library charges $30.00/copy to bind theses.


How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, credit card, or OHSU Account information.

If you have been authorized to bill to an OHSU account, you’ll need to provide a FAID & Alias. Please also provide the name and phone number of the Account Administrator on your Thesis Binding Submission & Receipt Form.


Where can I find help with thesis formatting?

School of Medicine: For information on formatting your thesis, go to “Instruction for Preparing the Graduate Thesis”, Section 2, page 5 (Master's) or Section 3, page 3 (Ph.D).

School of Nursing: For information on formatting your thesis, go to:

OHSU Library only provides thesis binding services. We do not review content or formatting of your thesis. We do not check margins, page numbering or reference formatting. As long as you have your certificate of approval with your committees’ signatures on it and the proper payment for the number of copies being submitted, we will bind it.


Where can I have copies printed?

The Library does not print thesis copies. Please bring in the number of copies you wish to have bound. Many students have their thesis printed at a professional copy center such as the OHSU Copy Center (ext 4-5156).


How many copies of my thesis do I need to bring in to the Library for my binding appointment?

You need to bring in the number of copies of your thesis that you wish to have bound. The minimum number of copies required for theses issued by OHSU is three. One copy is for the Library, one is for your Department, and one is for your mentor/chair/chief advisor.


What else is required to have my thesis bound?

You need to bring a completed copy of the Thesis Binding Submission Form & Receipt. This is available as an interactive PDF form that is available at, or can be e-mailed to you before you come in to submit your copies. You will also need to provide payment for the binding.


What kind of paper do I need to use? Where can I find “Bond” paper?

The Library requires that a thesis be printed on 20 lb minimum strength, acid-free paper. Most standard copy papers available today meet these requirements. If you use a copy center to print out your copies, they should have no problem complying with these requirements.

“Bond” paper refers back to the days of typewriters and this designation was used to distinguish heavier paper from the much thinner and weaker Onion Skin Paper. Most if not all of the paper used today is of Bond Paper quality. You can also use higher quality rag or cotton fiber paper if you are willing to pay the higher price per sheet for it over the cost of using normal copy paper. You can use glossy or photo paper for some of the pages if you have color photos or images. Try to be sure that these pages are printed on acid-free paper.


What color binding will my thesis have?

Colors are determined by the school with which you are affiliated. School of Medicine and School of Dentistry theses are bound in light blue-grey. School of Nursing theses are bound in light green.


Will the Library bind copies of my thesis from my previous school?

Yes. You will need to bring the desired number of copies and conform to the paper requirements, but will not be required to submit the minimum number of copies and will be able to select the color of the binding for degrees not issued by OHSU


When should I contact the Library to make an appointment to bind my thesis?

Please complete the following steps before you contact us to make an appointment:

  1. Collect the signatures of all of your committee members on your certificate of approval
  2. Have in hand the number of copies you wish to have bound

Please do not call to make an appointment with the library until you have completed both of these steps!


Can I have the bound copies of my thesis shipped to me?

OHSU Library can arrange USPS shipment of thesis for an additional cost of $8.00/copy. Charges for UPS international shipments are $20.00/copy. The additional fees cover packing, shipping and insurance fees.

Please contact Kathy Stewart at or 503-494-4387 or Kelly Wellington at and 503-494-3491 for further information.


My school now requires that I submit an electronic thesis/dissertation.  What does this mean?

For more information on the Library's Electronic Theses & Dissertations program, see