Theses & Dissertations

Publishing a dissertation is the capstone experience of a doctoral degree program. In many master's degree programs, the submission of a thesis marks the successful completion of the degree. University policy requires that you submit a print copy of your thesis or dissertation to the library. Your thesis/dissertation will be listed in the Library’s catalog. The print copy will be permanently kept in the library’s collection. Additional copies may be required by your school or department for their departmental libraries.

Many OHSU departments now require you to submit an electronic copy of your work in addition to the print copy. Electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) are a positive development in graduate education on several counts: graduate student research achieves broader exposure; new opportunities for creative scholarship open up; and students receive experience in the technological skills required of many scholars today.


OHSU Library Thesis & Dissertation Policy

OHSU Library requires students to submit both a print and electronic copy of their theses/dissertations.

OHSU Library retains a print copy for archival and preservation purposes. Students should check with their department for any additional requirements. With the exception of multimedia, the content of the print and electronic copy should be the same.

The electronic thesis or dissertation is published as “open access” and is immediately available for worldwide access. Students may opt for delayed or partial display. Reasons for choosing these options include publication of sections of the thesis or patent applications.

Students should submit their electronic copy in PDF format. Workstations in the library are set up with all necessary applications. Limited support can be arranged prior to submission. Other files, such as audio, video or images, may also be included. Students may submit their electronic copy by email, CD-Rom or USB flash drive.