SAS Software Licensing

The SAS System is a comprehensive statistical software package from SAS Institute for data management, graphics, analysis, and presentation. For more information, please visit

Licensing Details

Staff, faculty, and students of OHSU may purchase a license with either departmental funds or personal funds.

Complete the SAS License Agreement and bring it to Library Administration, BICC 304; fax it to 503-494-3227; email to or send it via campus mail to Software License, mailcode: LIB along with your payment information. Payment for personal purchases requires your OHSU badge to be shown. Payment methods accepted are VISA, MasterCard or cash. Licenses purchased with personal funds cannot be installed on OHSU owned machines.

The home use agreement allows you to use SAS at home for academic instruction and research only as long as your work machine has a license and you have filled out the Home Use License Agreement.  In addition your work machine and home machine cannot use SAS at the same time. This form must be filled out in order to legally install SAS on your home machine.  

For media upgrades complete the SAS License Agreement and bring to Library Administration (BICC 304) along with your OHSU employee photo ID for personal purchases or email, fax or send through campus mail for departmental purchases. We can send the media through campus mail.

  • The license year is annual and runs from 11/1 to 10/31 and are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • One license is required for each machine SAS is installed on.
  • The cost for a single new license is $225; a single license renewal is $150.
  • Installation media sets are available for $60.

Technical Information

The current versions are  9.3 and 9.22 in both 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows and version 9.1.3.  System requirements are Windows 2000 with Service Pack 3; Windows NT with Service Pack 6a or higher; Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1; Intel Pentium II Processor and at least 256MB of RAM.

Technical Support for this license program is very limited. When issues do arise there are several options available for support:

  1. email a complete description along with error messages to (type "Software License" in the To: field)
  2. call Library Administration at 503-494-6029 and we will work with you and SAS technical support to resolve the issue.

Additional online resources for both beginning and experienced SAS users:

SAS offers the following support for both instructors and students using the SAS Academic Program at no additional charge including:

From time to time SAS Technical Support releases Hot Fixes for SAS. SAS recommends that these not be downloaded or applied to SAS unless you are having specific issues that the Hot Fix will repair. Installing the Hot Fixes without having demonstrated problems with the software can cause additional problems.

Generally, Hot Fixes will be included in the next software update or release.

For more information about Hot Fixes and their installation please check the faq at