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Individual titles

Adams and Victor's principles of neurology
Ropper and Brown, 8th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2005

Biogenesis of cellular organelles, The
Mullins, Kluwer, 2005

Brenner & Rector's the kidney
Brenner and Levine, 7th ed., Saunders, 2004

C. elegans II
Riddle, NCBI, 2001

Clinical neurology
Aminoff, 6th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2005

Clinical neuroanatomy
Waxman, 25th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2003

Basic & Clinical Endocrinology
Greenberg and Gardner, 7th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2004

Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
Katzung, 9th ed., Lange Medical books, 2004

Basic histology: text & atlas
Junqueira and Carneiro, 11th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2005

Braunwald's heart disease : a textbook of cardiovascular medicine
Zipes and Libby, 7th ed., Saunders, 2005

Cardiovascular Physiology
L.Heller, D.Mohrman, 6th edition, 2006

Current Protocols series

Essential Cell Biology
B. Alberts, D. Bray, A. Johnson, J. Lewis, M. Raff, K. Roberts, P. Walter, 2nd edition, 2004
Not available electronically

Gastrointestinal Physiology
K.E. Barrett, Lange Physiology Series, 2006
Not available electronically

Goodman and Gilman's Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, The
Brunton, 11th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2006

Harrison's Online/Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine
16th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2005

Hematology: basic principles and practice
Hoffman, 4th ed., Elsevier, 2005

Histology image review
Wilson et. al., McGraw-Hill, 1997

Modern pharmacology with clinical applications
Craig and Stitzel, 4th ed., Lippincott Williams and Wilkins, 2004
Not available electronically

Manual of laboratory and diagnostic tests, A
Fischbach, 7th ed., Williams and Wilkins, 2004

Molecular biology of the cell
Alberts, 4th ed., Garland, 2002

Pathophysiology of Disease: An Introduction to Clinical Medicine
McPhee, 5th ed., McGraw-Hill, 2006

Pharmacokinetics Made Easy
Birkett, 2nd ed., 2002
Not available electronically

R.M. Berne, M.N. Levy, 5th edition, 2004
Not available electronically

Principles of Neural Science
E.R. Kandel, J.H. Schwartz, T.M. Jessell, 4th edition or more recent, 2000
Not available electronically

Respiratory Physiology: the Essentials
J.B. West, 7th edition, 2005
Not available electronically

Rapid Interpretation of EKG's
Dubin, 6th ed., Cover Pub Co., 2000
Not available electronically

Review of Medical Physiology
Ganong, 22nd ed., Appleton & Lange, 2005

Understanding Acid-Base
Abelow, 1st ed., Williams & Wilkins, 1998
Not available electronically

Vander's renal physiology
Eaton and Hill, 6th ed., McGraw Hill, 2004





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