Reserve Form Guide for Instructors

The following guidelines will help you complete the "OHSU Library Reserve Form" and facilitate timely addition of your materials to the Reserve Collection.


  • Course Number
  • Course Title
  • Term (e.g., Spring 2001, Spring/Summer 2001)
  • Extension
  • E-mail address
  • Department Contact information (if other than the instructor)
Materials dropped off at the Library without forms will not be processed.


  • PRINT: Submit Reserve materials/Class notebooks at least 10 days prior to the time students are expected to use them.

  • INSTRUCTOR/DEPARTMENTAL:Items for inclusion to the Reserve Collection may come from the OHSU Library General Collection, or instructors may submit personal or departmental materials. Such Instructor/Departmental Reserve materials must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the time students are expected to use them. Please be advised that such items will be altered by having a barcode, security strip and spine label added. To protect print materials from damage and disappearance, they will be limited to two-hour use only. They will circulate out of the Library overnight. These items will be returned after the term of their use as requested by the instructor.
  • Reprints and photocopies of articles for student readings need to be secured in a three-ring binder, known as a class notebook.

Multiple articles for a single course should be included in the same binder. Materials submitted without a binder will not be processed.

  • COPYRIGHT NOTE: Submission of materials listed on the form requires that the instructor assume responsibility for (a) determining that materials fall under fair use guidelines or that (b) permission for reproduction has been obtained from the copyright holder. See Copyright Guidelines for OHSU Library Reserve Materials for information on fair use and copyright.