Library Services for Faculty Teaching in the Electronic Age

OHSU Library staff are eager to help:


Get students started
Reference Librarians will provide library orientations for student groups by arrangement. Students can also visit the OHSU Library or the Library Web site for information on library hours and services.
"Point of need" Library instruction
Reference librarians will visit during class time or schedule small groups by appointment to cover all library services or specific services such as searching evidence based medicine databases or locating fulltext books and journals from off-campus.
Library/Database Web-based tutorials
Do your students need to know how to use Ovid, MEDLINE, PubMed, CINAHL, Evidence Based Medicine databases, the Web in general? Librarians locate and evaluate online tutorials or create new tutorials where needed.
Refine your database search strategies
Find the right subject headings. Increase recall or precision. Eliminate unwanted references. Reference librarians available to help with this 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday.
Current Awareness Service
Keep up to date on the subjects you are interested in by using Ovid Auto Alert/SDI or the PubMed cubby. Reference librarians can help you set up your search parameters for a weekly update emailed to you from Ovid databases or the "as you like" update through PubMed. To use the Ovid Auto Alert/SDI service you will need to sign up for a Personal Account. You can do that at any time you are in an Ovid database, by selecting the "Personal Account" link beneath the Search History box. For PubMed, you must sign up for the "Cubby" service, which is a menu choice on the left side of the page.

You can get updates from other databases as well, such as Web of Science, EBSCOhost. Contact a reference librarian for assistance.

Electronic Reserves
As of June 30, 2010, OHSU Library no longer provides Electronic Reserves services. Course Reserves have been integrated with OHSU Course Management System, Sakai.  For more information, please contact the Sakai Helpdesk at https://sakai.ohsu.edu/xsl-portal/site/!gateway/page/!gateway-100.
Place materials on reserve
Use the online form to place print or electronic materials on class reserve. See the Copyright Guidelines for assistance in determining fair use of copyrighted materials and when permission should be requested.
Consult on topic bibliographies
Reference librarians help locate books, articles, audiovisuals, computer resources on a topic to include in course syllabi or as handouts.
Copyright resources

Find information on using copyrighted works in the classroom, for distance education and electronic reserves and help on determining when materials fall under the "fair use" guidelines on the Copyright Resources page.

Obtain OHSU Library materials via campus mail
Request materials from the Old Library or off-campus Storage facility and have them delivered to your selected library location or to your office via campus mail.
Borrow educational materials from other libraries
Use ILL Express to obtain materials from other libraries or document delivery services. Or, request study and research materials directly from 30 public and private academic libraries in the Orbis Cascade Alliance using the request feature in the Summit catalog.
Present library services or Web resources to faculty
By appointment to faculty groups of any size or one-on-one. Focus on a single library service such as Ovid searching or electronic journal access, or receive an orientation to all library services.
Digital Resources Library
The Digital Resources Library provides multimedia for use in conference presentations, classroom teaching, and staff training (copyright-cleared for educational use). Subject areas include medicine, health, and biomedical research. Faculty are strongly encouraged to share their resources with the OHSU & global communities by donating images, videos, and sounds to this digital library. For more information on the DRL or assistance in finding multimedia for a specific project, please contact Kyle Banerjee, Digital Collections and Metadata Librarian at banerjek@ohsu.edu, 503-494-0883.