Library Liaison Program


The purpose of OHSU Library's Liaison Program is to provide a platform for dialogue between the library and OHSU schools, departments, and programs in order to enhance the library's understanding of user needs and to promote the library's services and resources.

Liaison activities could include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Periodic meetings with individuals or groups from the department to relay updates on library resources and services
  • Tailoring specific classes for the department
  • Providing assistance on research needs
  • Orientations of new faculty and staff
  • Designing a library portal for the department
  • Requesting information on specific resource needs from the department


  • Provide library information to faculty, staff, and students
  • Provide a more personalized level of service
  • Increase the visibility of the library's staff, services, and resources
  • Encourage input from OHSU units on specific service and resource needs

If you have questions about the program or are interested in a future liaison program, please contact Stephanie Kerns, Liaison Coordinator (kernss@ohsu.edu, 503-494-3478).

Library liaisons are assigned to departments as follows:

Institutes and Centers

Institute/Center Library Liaison
Advanced Imaging Research Center
Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource  Andrew Hamilton
Casey Eye Institute
Center for Coastal Margin Observation & Predicction
Center for Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
Center for Evidence-based Policy (DMICE) Andrew Hamilton
Center for Groundwater Research
Center for Policy & Research in Emergency Medicine
Center for Professional Development Loree Hyde
Center for Research on Occupational & Environmental Toxicology (CROET) Todd Hannon
Center for Spoken Language Understanding Todd Hannon
Center for Women's Health
Dotter Interventional Institute
Global Health Center Laura Zeigen
Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence (SoN) Loree Hyde /
Laura Zeigen
Heart Research Center
Layton Aging & Alzheimer's Disease Center Jackie Wirz | Laura Zeigen
Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center Jackie Wirz /
Kristi DeShazo
Molecular Diagnostics Center Andrew Hamilton
OHSU Digestive Health Center
OHSU Epilepsy Center Jackie Wirz
OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Todd Hannon | Jackie Wirz
OHSU Neuropsychiatric Institute Kristi DeShazo
OHSU Research Center for Gender-Based Medicine  
One Sky Center Kristi DeShazo
Oregon Center for Aging & Technology Laura Zeigen
Oregon Center of Complementary & Alternative Medicine in Neurological Disorders
Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Center 
Oregon Evidence-Based Practice Center (DMICE) Andrew Hamilton
Oregon Health Policy Institute (Public Health & Preventive Medicine)
Oregon Hearing Research Center Todd Hannon
Oregon Institute on Disability & Development
Oregon Stem Cell Center Jackie Wirz
Oregon Stroke Center Jackie Wirz
Parkinson Center of Oregon Jackie Wirz
Portland Alcohol Research Center Kristi DeShazo
Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute Jackie Wirz
Vollum Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research Jackie Wirz

Other groups

Group Library Liaison
Students Laura Zeigen
OHSU Hospital

News & Publications Andrew Hamilton
Research Office  
Hospital Nursing Loree Hyde
Human Resources Kristi Deshazo