Health Information Literacy Partnership with Oregon PAs

The Project

The OHSU Library received a funding award from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine / Pacific Northwest Region for developing the project "Health Information Literacy Partnership with Oregon PAs". This project, scheduled for September 2010-April 2011, is designed for Oregon PAs and their fellow health care teams to learn more about online information tools that would be helpful in a clinical setting, as well as learning more about patient education materials they can use with their patients.

Training sessions on PubMed, MedlinePlus, other National Library of Medicine resources, and other resources available to Oregon licensed health professionals through the OHSU Library, will be held from January 2011-April 2011, including a CME session at the 2011 Oregon Spring Medical Update for Physician Assistants.

The Presentation

Resources discussed in the presentation include those listed on the page for Resources for Non-OHSU Licensed Oregon Health Professionals. Bookmark this page! This the page the OHSU Library has put together for non-OHSU licensed Oregon health professionals.


Online Tutorials

Online tutorials showing how to get started with PubMed and the resources for licensed Oregon health professionals will be here soon!

Free online class

Health Literacy Online Class
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) free online class on health literacy.