WebBridge Known Issues and Problems

  • In PubMed, the WebBridge icon does not display in Internet Explorer for Macintosh.

    When using Internet Explorer for Macintosh (OS X and Classic), PubMed displays this broken image in place of the WebBridge icon:
    WebBridge broken image in IE for Mac
    This problem appears to be caused by Internet Explorer's inability to process PubMed's Javascript correctly. You can still access WebBridge by clicking on the broken image, or you can use a more modern browser such as Safari or Mozilla Firefox to access PubMed.

  • The WebBridge menu screen sometimes does not display in Ovid.

    If you click the WebBridge icon in Ovid, and you do not see a WebBridge window, you may be experiencing one of two known problems:

    1. If you have successfully opened a WebBridge window earlier in your Ovid session, WeBridge will open subsequently in the same window it used previously, which is probably behind your current window. To find it, check for other open browser windows and select each in turn till you reach the WebBridge window.
    2. If you have not been able to open any WebBridge windows in Ovid, you may be using a popup blocker. Ovid opens WebBridge windows as popup windows, so a popup blocker will block the WebBridge window. Most popup blockers will allow you to enable popups for selected sites only. The solution, then, is to enable popups on the Ovid site. Please note that the widely-used Google Toolbar includes a popup blocker. To disable the blocker for Ovid only, start an Ovid session, then click the popup blocker button on the toolbar, which is circled in the image below:
  • When linking to JAMA in Journals@Ovid, users sometimes get an error indicating that full text could not be located.

    Some origins use a different ISSN for JAMA than the one used by Journals@Ovid. Because linking to Journals@Ovid relies on ISSN, when the ISSNs don't match, links don't work. You can choose a different link to JAMA if available or click the link to the library catalog and access JAMA through it.