How to Choose a MEDLINE Service




Note: All versions of MEDLINE include article citations from these databases: HealthSTAR, AIDSLINE, BIOETHICSLINE, HISTLINE, POPLINE, SPACELINE & TOXLINE
Other Databases Included Evidence- based medicine databases, Clinical Evidence,EMBASE Drugs & Pharm, HAPI,BIOSIS Previews,PsycINFO, Medweaver, PREMEDLINE, Journals@Ovid PREMEDLINE. Also Molecular Biology,Taxonomy and Genetics databases.
Best Feature Excellent interface, Complete Cochrane database. The most current (a day or two ahead of Ovid). Related articles links. All years in one file. Single Citation Matcher. Clinical Queries. Linkouts.
Worst Feature Clunky citation verification. Advance search capabilities not evident.
Precision searching difficult.
Coverage 1966 - present 1966 - present
Updates daily daily
Fields 30 fields/subfields using "other fields" list or field qualifiers. 20 most common
using pulldown list
or field qualifiers.
Appliable Limits Evidence-based medicine, local holdings, fulltext, language, gender, age, species, 17 subsets, date, publication types. Language, gender, age, species, date, publication type, 12 subsets.
Display Formats for sets 4 + tailored 5+
Sortable Yes Yes
Marks Local Holdings No No
Document Delivery OHSU Copy Service Loansome Doc
Password Required Only if saving search strategies or you are non-OHSU For Loansome Doc and Cubby Service
Download Results Yes Yes
E-mail Results Yes Yes
Search Update Method Automatic SDI; Save strategy Bookmark in Easy
Mode; Cubby Service
Online Help Context sensitive help within search session & OHSU how to's on Library Web page Yes
Availability is free to all. /pubmed.shtml to include OHSU fulltext links.
Full-Text Links Yes (select) Yes (select)
Related Articles Link No Yes
Additional Features Concept mapping to MeSH; Same interface for non- MEDLARS databases; Ability to search by grant #. Clinical Queries filters for diagnosis, prognosis, therapy, etiology. Citation Matcher for verification. MeSH Browser. OLDMEDLINE 1945-65 coming soon.