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Care of older adults is best delivered in teams. Recognizing this, the OHSU Geriatrics/Gerontology portal is intentionally interdisciplinary. Please consider consulting resources outside of your discipline to fully optimize your search.

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Electronic Geriatrics Texts
Geriatric Medicine: An Evidence-Based Approach
| Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine | Principles of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology | more

Electronic Geriatrics Journals
American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry | The Gerontologist | Journal of American Geriatrics Society | Journal of Gerontological Nursing | more

Clinical & Educational Tools
Geriatrics at Your Fingertips
| Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing - How to Try This seriesPortal of Geriatric Online Education (POGOe) | more

Searching Databases for Journal Articles
CINAHL | Ovid MEDLINE | PubMed | more

Oregon Resources
Oregon Geriatric Education Center | Making Oregon Vital for Elders (M.O.V.E.) | more

Federal Resources
National Institute on Aging | Office of Disability, Aging and Long-term Care Policy (DALTCP) | more

Associations & Societies
American Geriatrics Society | The Gerontological Society of America | Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing | more

Continuing Education & Meetings
AAMC: Meetings by Date | AMA: Continuing Medical Education | more

Careers/Training in Geriatrics & Gerontology - Oregon Resources
Hartford Center of Geriatric Nursing Excellence | PSU Institute on Aging (IOA) | more

National Center for Health Statistics | | more

Other Geriatrics & Gerontology Sites
Current Awareness in Aging Report | Stanford Health Library - Senior Health | more

Consumer Resources
Alliance for Aging Research | MEDLINEplus Seniors' Health | more

Geriatric Dentistry/Oral Health
Oregon Department of Human Services, Oral Health Program | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Oral Health for Older Americans | more