Geriatrics & Gerontology - Statistics Federal Interagency Forum on Aging-Related Statistics

Data Sources on Older Americans 2009 (Available 12/09)
This report describes government sponsored surveys and products providing statistical information about the older population. This does not appear to be available yet from

Data Sources on the Impact of the 2008 Financial Crisis on the Economic Well-Being of Older Americans (Available 12/09).
This does not appear to be available yet from This short report summarizes data sources that address the finances of older Americans after the crisis of 2008.

National Archive of Computerized Data on Aging

National Center for Health Statistics: Aging
Produced by the National Center for Health Statistics, an extensive source of statistics including surveys, a database and pointers to other health-related statistical links.

Older Persons’ Health (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention )

Surveys and Statistics on Health & Care (AARP)

The State of Aging and Health in America (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

U.S. Census