Link Resolver/OpenURL Service

The Oregon Health & Science University Library has implemented a new link resolver to replace WebBridge.  The new link resolver service is still called openurl.   However, the base URL for this service has changed as well as the window displaying full text results.

  1. What is “Find It@OHSU Library” button?
    It is a service that takes you from an article citation in a database to full text available in the OHSU Library’s collections.  The “Find It@OHSU Library” button will provide links to as many access points as possible making it easier to find full text.

  2. How do I access it? What does the button do?
    If you search a database that has been set up to work with our link resolver, you’d see this button. Click the button, and a new browser window will open, displaying a menu of options.

  3. Sometimes when I click a link to full text, I am taken to the journal home page. Why can't I go directly to the article?
    In most cases, full text links go directly to the article. However, some publishers do not allow direct linking to articles, so you have to navigate through the site to find the article you want.

  4. Which databases offer the Link Resolver/OpenURL service?
    • EBSCOHost
    • Ovid
    • PubMed
    • ScienceDirect
    • Scopus
    • And more

  5. Is Link Resolver/OpenURL service available from off-campus?
    Yes. You can access the link server from any workstation with an Internet connection. However, many of our resources are restricted to OHSU faculty, staff, and students only. If you click a link to one of these resources from off-campus, you will be prompted to log in.

  6. I want to use this service with EndNote. How do I set it up?
    In Preferences, choose Find Full Text option.
    Make sure all available search options are checked.
    Enter "" in the OpenURL Path box.
    Click OK.


  7. I want to use this service with Zotero.  How do I set it up?
    Choose Preferences from the Tool menu on the top bar.
    Enter "" on the Resolver line, and choose 1.0 from the Version pulldown menu.
    Click OK.


  8. I'm using a web site (other than Zotero) that asks me for my link resolver/open URL resolver service or link. What should I use to access the OHSU Library's link resolver?
    When asked for the link to your resolver, enter this base URL:

    Currently the following web-based bibliography services have been tested to work:
    • Refworks
    • WizFolio
    • Mendeley
    • DocPhin
    • Trip Database

  9. I'm having a problem with this service.   Whom do I contact?
    If your problem isn't listed there, please fill out and submit the customer support form, and a member of the library staff will contact you.