FAQ for Computer Workstations

Q. What kinds of computers does the OHSU Library provide?
A. The OHSU Library provides PC workstations for use by OHSU faculty, staff, and students.  The library also provides several PCs and Macs for the general public.  PC workstations run Windows XP, while the Macs run Mac OS X.

Q. Who can use the computers, and how do I log in?
A. Except for workstations provided for general public use, all library computers are reserved for OHSU faculty, staff, and students only (with an exception for VAMC and Shriner's staff; see next question, below). To use the PCs, you must log in with your OHSU network ID and password. There is no password required to use the Macs.

Q. What software is available on library computers?
A. All computers (PC and Mac) for OHSU users include the Microsoft Office suite, full internet access,  access to a variety of reference and reserve CD-ROM titles installed on the library's CD-ROM server.  SPSS is available on station 325, 326, and 327.  SAS is available only on 326.  STATA is available only on 327. All PCs are equipped with CDRW burners. Computers for the general public provide full internet access but no other software.

Q. Can I run personal/other software on the library's workstations?
A. In general, no. Only software that is licensed for network use and that has been installed and tested by the library's computer support staff can be deployed on library workstations. Also, please note that most CD-ROM-based programs will not run without installing components on the workstation itself, so even CD-based programs generally cannot be run on library workstations.

Q. How do I ask to have software installed on the library's workstations?
A. Submit your request via the library's, Customer Support form. A member of the library's Computer Support Team will contact you within 2 business days. Please note that all software installed on library workstations must be legally licensed for use in a shared network environment. You must provide the library with a copy of the license before the software will be installed. Please also note that not all software will run in the library's computing environment, due to the security restrictions in place on the workstations. Only software that has been successfully tested in our environment will be deployed on the workstations. Such testing may require up to two weeks. Software must be related to a legitimate educational, research, or clinical purpose to be installed on library workstations.

Q. Is the library's internet access restricted/filtered?
A. No, but all users must comply with the library's Public Workstation Use Policy, OHSU's policy, Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources, and all other applicable OHSU and library policies.