Core Reference Resources

The following resources are ones that may be particularly useful for finding certain health provider and other information. These resources can be found in the following sections of the Reference Collection on the 3rd floor of the Library behind the Reference Desk as well as online.

Section 11

Statistical Abstract of the United States
HA202 S797

Oregon Vital Statistics
WA16 O666


Section 12

Oregon Blue Book
JS10 O66

Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy
WB100 M55m
Choose Merck Manual from the list. Click on Logoff when you are done.


Section 14

PDR (Physicians Desk Reference)
at the end of section 14 (no call number) or try MedlinePLUS: Drugs, Supplement and Herbal Information or Micromedex

Section 15

Encyclopedia of Associations
AS2.5 E56 or try searching Google on the association name in quotes

U.S. Government Manual
AS22 U57

Directory of Medical Education
W19 A84d

AHA Guide (the hospital directory)
WX2.AA1 A54

Ulrich's Periodical Directory


Section 16

OHSU Directory for Referring Physicians
W22.AO7 O65 
OHSU Health: Find a Doctor or Clinic

Official ABMS Directory
WB22.AA1 O325 or
Click on "Is Your Doctor Certified?", then login as using the password ouq418.
Access is limited to five searches per day.

Directory of Physicians in the United States
W22.AA1 D618 

Yearbook and Directory of Osteopathic Physicians
WB22.AA1 A49

OMA Member Roster (Oregon Medical Association)
W22.A07 M533 or try Oregon Medical Board 


Other reference resources

OHSU Library Reference Materials

Directory of doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals and facilites from MEDLINEplus

International Medical Education Director