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The OHSU Library has partnered with Reprints Desk to offer an article delivery service to Oregon licensed MDs and DOs. Using PubMed enabled with Reprints Desk, this service provides a quick and easy way to obtain journal literature from nearly any journal title including NEJM, Science, Nature and many more. Please note that this service is limited to a cost of $40 per article. Requests that exceed $40 will not be filled. More details and information about how to get started are provided below.



1_barcode Obtaining an OHSU Library barcode is the first step in gaining access to the OHSU Library’s article delivery pilot project offered via Reprint’s Desk. Apply for a barcode here.

2_register After obtaining an OHSU Library barcode, one must sign up for a Reprints Desk account. Signing up will take less than five minutes but processing your account may take up to an hour. You will receive an e-mail when your account is active. This service is available to MDs and DOs only. Questions? Consult our Frequently Asked Questions Guide.

3_find To find articles on a topic, we suggest you use PubMed enabled with Reprints Desk order links. Using this version of PubMed requires no set up.

4_order Ordering articles is quick, easy and may be accomplished in two ways.
  • Known article for which you have a citation Log in to Reprints Desk and choose the ‘Single Article’ option. Complete the form.
  • To Find and then order an article, use PubMed enabled with Reprints Desk order links. After finding an article of interest, click on the linked title of the article. Look for and select the ‘Get Article from Reprint Desk’ icon. Your order form will be auto-populated with information from PubMed.

Most articles are delivered in minutes and are sourced directly from Reprints Desk publishing partners. 


5_manage Getting help, checking the status of orders, editing delivery profiles, resetting passwords and sharing feedback are all accessible to you via the Reprints Desk Dashboard.

Questions about the service should be directed to