Off-Campus Access

OHSU faculty, staff, and enrolled students can use their OHSU network username and password or library barcode to access the Library's electronic resources from off-campus.

Oregon Licensed Health Professionals can access a limited suite of resources funded by the Oregon Medical Board.
There isn't one. You must use the links to all e-resources from the library pages in order for the off campus access to work. When you click on the link, the system will prompt you to log in.
Recommended steps to access the library's electronic resources from off-campus via Ezproxy:
Linking into library subscription databases requires a URL that will take users through our proxy server first to verify that they are authenticated users.
  • You must use the links to all e-resources from the library pages in order for the off campus access to work.
  • Start on the Library website.
  • When you click on a link to an article, database, ebook, etc, the system will prompt you to log in.
  • When prompted, log in with either OHSU network username and password or library barcode and last name.
Not starting from the Library website?
If for some reason, you'd like to access full text via direct links sent to you (ex: Ovid eTOC email links) that don't have the ezproxy prepend, please use one of the tools below:

First, install one of the tools available below for the browser you're using:

Internet Explorer or Firefox
Install EZproxy bookmarklet by dragging this button to your bookmarks toolbar
reload_via_ezproxy or simply right click on this button and select Add to Favorites.

Google Chrome: Install Chrome extension via
Google Chrome web store
A new icon named "toggle EZProxy" should appear  to the right of Chrome's toolbar
Right-click the new icon and select Options
Enter "liboff.ohsu.edu" for the proxy domain and click Save.
Second, after you click on one of the direct links to full text, and when you have a journal page showing, click the bookmarklet "Reload via Ezproxy" you created in your browser Favorites or the "toggle Ezproxy" button you installed.  It should redirect you to the ezproxy login prompt.
If none of the tools above would work for you, you can build your own link. This is the method to manually generate proxy URLs.  The steps are:
  • Find the permanent URL you would like to use for the article, ebook, etc. (ex: Ovid eTOC email links).  Note: please make sure you are copying a permanent URL, not a session-specific URL.
  • Add the proxy server URL prefix to the front of the permanent URL. The proxy prefix is: https://login.liboff.ohsu.edu/login?url=
  • Copy and paste the final link into your address bar to test it.
Ex: The regular non-proxy link for Ovid is: http://gateway.ovid.com/autologin.html (this link would work for on-campus access but not off-campus)
Add proxy prefix: https://login.liboff.ohsu.edu/login?url= 
The final link would be:


Library Barcodes:

Note: You need a library barcode only if:

  • You would like to check out library materials
  • You don’t have an OHSU network account
  • You are a health professional licensed and practicing in Oregon

Apply online or in person with your OHSU ID badge at the OHSU Library on the 3rd floor of the BICC.

Forgot your barcode?

If you have general questions regarding off-campus access to Library resources, please e-mail liboff@ohsu.edu.