Linking to e-books and journal articles manually

Case #1 You have set Ovid to send you a monthly TOC list for your favorite journal. Use this method to install our proxy to your browser.

  Please use one of the tools below:

  • Install one of the tools available below for the browser you're using either:
    • Internet Explorer or Firefox
      Install EZproxy bookmarklet by dragging this button to your bookmarks toolbar
      reload_via_ezproxy or simply right click on this button and select Add to Favorites.
    • Or Google Chrome
      Go to Chrome web store at
    • Search and install Chrome extension named “EZProxy Redirect”.
    • A new icon named "Reload through EZProxy" should appear to the right of Chrome's toolbar.
    • Right-click the new icon and select Options.
    • Select OHSU from the list of schools or manually enter "$@" to the EZProxy URL box and click Save.
  • After you have one of the tools above installed, when you click on one of the direct links to full text, and when you have a journal page showing, click the bookmarklet "Reload via Ezproxy" you created in your browser Favorites or the "Reload through EZProxy" button you installed in Chrome.  It should redirect you to the EZProxy login prompt.
Case #2 You are linking a journal article to your Sakai course site. Use this method to build your link to ensure your students can use our proxy.

This is the method to manually generate proxy URLs:

  • Find the permanent URL you would like to use for the article, ebook, etc. (ex: Ovid eTOC email links). 
    Note: please make sure you are copying a permanent URL, not a session-specific URL.
  • Copy that permanent URL to notepad or any text editor.
  • Add the proxy prefix "" to the front of that permanent URL.
  • Copy and paste the final link into your browser's address bar.  The system will prompt for proxy login and then redirect you to the resource only if the OHSU library does own it.
  • For example:
    The regular non-proxy link for Ovid is: (this link would only work for on-campus access but not off-campus)
    For off campus access, the final link with proxy prefix would be: