Win an iPad

05/03/11  Portland, Ore.

 Find the missing piece for your research, plus a chance to win an iPad! 

Could your research use that one missing piece? The OHSU eagle-i Consortium has created a web-based discovery network to link scientists to more than 42,000 research resources across the country. Throughout the month of May, a beta-version of this search engine will be available to you as an OHSU researcher. The eagle-i Consortium needs your help to test its functionality! OHSU search users who fill out a brief survey will be entered into a drawing for a $50 amazon.com gift card or one of five iPads! 

Find your missing piece by going to https://search.eagle-i.net/central/

(login: ohsu-guest and password: eagle-i-ohsu).

Link to blurb: http://portal.ohsu.edu/blogs/researchnews/2011/05/03/find-the-missing-piece-for-your-research-plus-a-chance-to-win-an-ipad/