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04/20/12  Portland, Ore.

What is VisualDx?

VisualDx is an electronic resource for Web and mobile devices that combines the power of a comprehensive medical image library with concise evidence-based clinical information.
- Access more than 20,000 medical images detailing variation in age, stage, and skin type.
- Review over 1,000 visually presenting conditions.
- Expand clinical knowledge on specialty and underrepresented areas of medicine such as dermatology and infectious disease.

VisualDx Trial Access

Quickly search by diagnosis name using the Look Up a Diagnosis search box, or click the Differential Builder to start developing a visual differential diagnosis based on patient findings.

VisualDx also integrates with UpToDate. To see how, please go in to UpToDate and search for "measles" or "varicella". About 7-8 lines down in the UpToDate search results, you should see a little orange VisualDx icon to the right of a link into VisualDx.

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