The Lexicomp Online Interface is changing!

03/05/12  Portland, Ore.

Lexicomp Online is one of the online drug resources the library provides access to. Here’s a little more information, if you’re not familiar with this resource:

  • Lexicomp Online provides access to two independent drug information resources within the same interface —their own point-of-care content and AHFS's comprehensive, in-depth database.
  • Lexicomp Online enables users to quickly locate information on a wide range of topics, including: pediatric, adult and geriatric dosing and guidelines, I.V. compatibility, patient education, international drugs, infectious diseases, pregnancy and lactation and more.

Lexicomp Online is linked from the library homepage and is also available to clinicians from within Epic, OHSU’s electronic health record system.

Want more information on the new interface? View this short (6 minute) video: